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How Long did it take you to pass kotor1 and kotor2

How long did it take you to pass both kotor1 and kotor2  

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  1. 1. How long did it take you to pass both kotor1 and kotor2

    • It took me on average 20 hours each
    • It took me on average 30 hours each
    • It took me on average 40 hours each
    • It took me on average more then 50 hours
    • I quit KotOR1 about halfway through
    • I quit KotOR2 about halfway through
    • I quit both halfway through
    • I didnt like KotOR1
    • I didnt like KotOR2
    • I didnt like either

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Just a poll set up, to see how long it took people to pass kotor1 and kotor2


on average, it took me about 25 or so hours to pass kotor1, and something around there in kotor2

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wow, looks like a rushed through it


im going through kotor1 for like the 4th time or so, DS and im trying to uncover everything, everything i missed, and im trying to complete all the character quests


and in kotor2, im gona redo so i can turn all my party into jedi, and uncover their pasts

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About 30 or more. I tried to do as many sidequests as possible and I wasted some time upgrading items.

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40 or more. I like to take my time and do every quest and listen to every dialogue my first and sometimes second time through the game.


Same here. Although I did notice that when I finished Nar Shadda (including GoTo's Yatch), the game seemed to go faster and I finished earlier than expected. I would have to say that Kotor 1 took me alot longer to finish, and I did take my time, listening to everything etc. I would say Kotor 1 took me 2-3 weeks (Casual sessions before you go :p) and Kotor 2 took me 1-2 weeks.

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i am also a slowpoke and like to try every option i can. i also play simultaneous games as light side and dark side. KotoR took about 50 + hours the first time. KotoR II took longer because i was quite confused trying to figure out the influence things. I'd say closer to70.


All i can say is thank goodness for good walkthroughs, or i'd have been completely lost with KotoR II :)

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KOTOR 1 took me over 40 hrs, maybe close to 50. I never rush through RPGs that I find immersive. I savor every line of dialogue, every sidequest, every scenery, and every level-up ;)


Unlike, say, something like Fable: The Lost Chapters, which I did in just a few days just to get it over with. I found it unimmersive and didn't care about any character. Pretty looking, but forgettable game.

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The reason i know how long it took me, is because i look at my save game files where it says "20 hrs 30min" or whatever. just to let some guys who might not know, how to accurately find how long it took you :thumbsup:


as ive said it took me like 2 weeks to pass kotor2, and i thought it would have been hours on end, but in acctual fact it wasnt that long


ok off topic, i mentioned that im up to rakata prime, well im up to the star forge(DS and LS, multiple saved games at the bastilla/temple place) and ill be finished by tomorrow, ive got some great screenshots of my battles with juhanni and jolee and malak, so stay tuned in my screenshot thread because ill have some real neat screenies comming up in the next few days

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this part, is where i just walked in the observation deck on the star forge and i havent faught malak yet or watched the ending cutscenes, this is when i chose to follow the path of the dark :) and take back my rightfull throne of dark lord of the sith :)


so all up it would have taken me about 22H, 50M

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I've played KoTOR 1 a number of times, more than 3, and every time I finished between 39-45 hours. This was doing every quest etc.


I've played KoTOR 2 about 4 times, and every time it has taken me roughly 38-40 hours.


KoTOR 1 seemed to be a bit longer, but not by much. It will be interesting to see how much longer KoTOR 2 takes to beat once the restoration project and M4-78 are finished.


I'm rather surprised people managed to finish both games so quickly at 20 hours. I'm guessing because I take my time to talk to everyone, upgrade my equipment, sell unnecessary items etc.

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Guest The Architect

My first playthrough of KOTOR took me 54h and 47m. I know you have the option to skip through dialogue but not once did I do this during my first playthrough, the reason why I take so long is because it takes me a while to choose what I'm going to say in my dialogue choices, I do every side-quest possible and I always double-check every area and do a lot of 'exploring' just to make sure I don't miss anything. With KOTOR II, it took me even longer, it took me 56h and 34m, call me a slow-coach if you want, but I'm not exactly much of a gamer, I can tell you every game I've played since 2000 and it isn't much, here it is...


Deus Ex and Deus Ex: Invisible War

FIFA 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006

Morrowind Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic & Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II

GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas

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Both games where completed a week after getting it. On the exact time: Dunno...




I agree that that is such a stupid idiotic pathetic garbage hateful retarded scumbag evil satanic nazi like term ever created. At least top 5.


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