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  1. To risk sounding cheeky, that would be the "apathy is death" option... Any other ideas on why choosing to side with Kreia is LS?
  2. You're right about game mechanics and the d20 leveling system interfering with a logical progression of characters improving. So, yes, if looking at it from a game mechanics point of view, that the main character has to be the "best", "toghest", whatever, does mess up the logic behind things being that way. Frankly, i don't see why someone who first gained consciousness in the middle of a battle starting with next to no skills and experience has to automatically be close in level to the war hero and relatively quickly surpass him especially since gaining experience occurs across the board othe
  3. IIRC, that only happens with DS characters. i thought the LSers learn the techniques by watching and Kreia explaining in Exile's mind. Could be wrong about that though...
  4. i noticed it too, at least when it is thought out in a logical sense. Revan, when coming back after being almost dead, begins at level 1 with 0 experience. By the time s/he meets up with Jolee, he is lower level than Revan eventhough he fought in the Exar Kun Wars and had had many adventures and caused a great deal of mischief. Being at that relatively low level considering his life story, then gains abilities and strength etc, quicker than he had up until that point previously in his life. Same goes for Carth. He is a decorated war hero, has seen more action than the rest of the Crew on the E
  5. I just did it a couple days ago and she stuck around until I had defended her three times. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yep. Me too. That is true. i hadn't thought of that. And i guess the fact they "resurrect" twice furthers that point. But at the initial choosing, Exile wouldn't know that though. But wasn't it Kreia who pulled her lightsabre on Atton first? i don't remember... And Bao-Dur stood by to protect Atton against Kreia whom he said he saw is threatening Atton with her lightsabre. But the point you make Exile knew it was about redemption and not to be ta
  6. [Jediphile,May 21 2006, 10:52 AM] But does the quality lie in the romance or in Sion's complexity? Because the latter you certainly get in the male version of the game as well - you still have to convince Sion that the existence he has lived has not been worthwhile and that Kreia chose the Exile over him, because the Exile was able to give up the force, and that there is strength in that. I agree that this works plotwise, but you don't have to play the female Exile to experience it. The male version is just the same, except the early lines are different, because Sion sees the male Exile as a
  7. Yeah, i can see that perspective applying. The issue i have with that though is to allow for the possibility for Kreia to be redeemed, the others have to be killed. Since apathy is death thus Exile must chose between the two (pertaining to Kreia's potential redemption vs companions' lives), that then is placing the chance for Kreia's redemption ahead of the lives of Exile's companions. Which doesn't seem particularily LS to me. Especially when considered in the bigger picture. Forgot to add that since Exile's companions began to confront Kreia to defend Exile, that should be taken int
  8. Yay! Love is good. Glad to hear it is present. i find it kinda sad (sad as in unhappy, not as in pathetic) that you see it as sad though. i think having a forum for such debate and exploration is good. It's not like we're saying "males suck" "no they don't" "yes they do" "no they don't" etc. Some of the concepts we're exploring are interesting and profound, that also mirror 'real life'. Certainly not the direct pursuit of bringing equality and social responsibility to the world, but i see value in the debate. It also allows me to see other people's perspectives in a way i usually wouldn't be a
  9. i have a question regarding the whole Korriban tomb encounter with defending or attacking Kreia. By the time the tomb encounter takes place, the player has a fairly good idea Kreia is not a good person. While i do understand why Atton, Bao-Dur, T3-M4, can't remember who else, attacking a single foe would be considered unfair, i don't understand how siding with Kreia, after her admitting she is a Sith, and a condition of siding with her is having to kill the others, is particularily LS. Any thoughts or explanations?
  10. i concur. While learning things about Revan's origins would be interesting, i don't see it as necessary for plot integrity. i think it is one of those things that would be better left unknown, and with the brain damage done to Revan, it fits nicely with those parts of Revan remaining mysterious. However, how Revan found out about the true Sith, what that thing is that Revan started and is now trying to stop, that stuff, does need to be explained.
  11. [Jediphile] Yes, they're both responsible, but neither of them can afford to see it that way. Well, at least Bao-Dur cannot, I'm still not certain about the Exile, who seems to be far more in denial. [moved for better chi:] Yes, that's precisely what he would do, because that means it was the Exile's choice and not his, and that is worse than accepting that he had no choice himself. i don't agree with that assessment (big surprise, eh?) i can understand what you are saying: he needs to feel he was solely responsible in order to keep his part in it "real", and for him not to feel as if he
  12. In the public transit chat forums, I've seen threads with hundreds of pages dedicated to speaking of bus sightings. Yes, bus sightings. While i do understand your point, guess i'll explain my view. To me, discussing this stuff is like getting into the socially relevant issues you were refering to, except it is in a forum that puts enough emotional distance between reality and imagination so it is easier to talk about. This gives me a hard enough time as it is. I can't handle debating intence issues i feel strongly about with people who adamantly disagree with me. We can't even come to concensu
  13. The way i understood it from my games is if you kill Vrook, the other Masters sense it and they become hostile on Dantooine regardless if you killed him before meeting the other masters. However killing Master Zez-Kai Ell or Master Kavar doesn't necessarily force the DS ending.
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