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Who were your favorite characters in KotOR?

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I'm not going to repost my "which characters sucked" thread (maybe) so I'll try again from the other end.


Which characters in KotOR were your favorites and why ;)


For me it's...


HK-47 as my #1 :)


Hillarious character who when fully upgraded and well equipped makes for an excellent backup support character :)

Not to mention there's something cool about a loyal droid who's answer to every problem is to kill some meatbags :)


Bastila as my #2 :)


While suffering from a shaky start (but at least her early attitude fits the story) Bastila quickly becomes likable and is pretty darn useful in combat (better than the other two jedi) and with her Force powers proves to be quite dangerous at times.


Mission is my #3 :)


A really nice character :) pleasent in the attitude department and not to mention extremely useful in the skill department. Mission is a veritable swiss-army-twilek :) And fully developed makes a decent ranged support character too.



Honorable mention




This old guy is funny :D And while he does make a great backup "spell caster", being a weak consular he tends to drop quickly when cornered... which is in most of the game.




Has some "interesting" stories... but other than that makes for a brutal melee tank... if he had forcepowers to back him up he'd be the most dangerous out there... as is he's about on par with Bastila

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I only liked Mission, but that was because she was very useful. I didn't feel attached to any of the characters in KotOR, including my own schizoid main character.

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HK-47, Bastila, Canderous, and Jolee. These were the best NPCs and Canderous by far the best tank.


But I have to say that I never felt overly attached to anyone. I didn't care whether they lived or died.


Jolee was the most interesting character from my point of view because he was neutral and didn't push you in any direction - he left the decisions up to you - light or dark. I liked him, but I also had no problem killing him in the temple, either.

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Jolee by far



Each time I heard his voice, I was reminded of that one single sentence I must've heard a thousand times: "Nestled atop the cliffs that rise above the Sword Coast, Candlekeep has always been your home..." :D

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In no particular order:


Jolee -- not much needs to be said, right?

HK-47 -- ditto. Unapologetically homicidal, loyal, and fun.

Bastila -- I first found her to be insufferable, but I love her voice (Jennifer Hale rules! Aka Deionarra, Fall-from-Grace, and Mazzy Fentan). Later, I find her to be a complex and sympathetic character.

Canderous -- scratch the manly-macho stereotype and you find a warrior poet.

Yuthura Ban -- not even a joinable NPC, but I rather liked her. Hell, she's got more personality and backstory going on than the Wookie and T3. Not saying much, but still. She should've been a joinable NPC, damn it!

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Doubtful, I am holding out for some good party interaction mods.


To tell the truth, I was pretty disapointed with most of KotOR, the story was good, but it was implemented poorly in my opinion. But we will see, given time I am sure I will find some good mods to make installing it again worth the time.




Using a gamepad to control an FPS is like trying to fight evil through maple syrup.

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Jolee was the best in my book, too. If you actually draw him out and hear every one of his dialogues, he has by far the most satisfying backstory.


I probably liked Carth more than most people seem to. Everyone complains that he's "whiny," but, if you think about, he has to be. He's in the game to be your character's escort around Taris when you're first stranded there. Normally, an experienced soldier and captain would take the lead, and you'd be playing tag-along. So, in order to give your character control over the game at that early stage, he had to be made obsequious. The rest of his storyline grew out of that necessity. It's a weak hand to begin with, but they played it out pretty well.


I wasn't too impressed with most of the others. The VO was consistently excellent, but the writing was spotty.


They were either rather uninteresting (Juhani, T3, Zaalbar), interesting but not developed enough (Mission), repetitive (Canderous, HK), or just a bad idea to begin with (all of the romance dialouge). Any criticism of Bastilla has more to do with the overall weaknesses in the story, and I'm not going to address that here.

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Juhami is a rather unique character since she is one of the few lesbian characters I seen in games, unfortunatly that only shows by playing a female character.


I wonder what happened if BioWare made a more linear game like Final Fantasy games.

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