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Blondes vs Brunettes vs Redheads vs Blue Hair


What you like?  

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  1. 1. What you like?

    • Blondes
    • Brunettes
    • Redheads
    • Blue Hair

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Well, I voted. Brown haired lasses are winning so far. Of course, it's not like I don't find blond, redhaired, or even blue haired women attractive.

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i voted redheads this time. like Oerwinde said before, when they are hot, they are REALLY hot. and the idea of blondes in general gets annoying after a while.


Edit: but come to think of it, i have probably been infatuated with more brunettes than any of the other options, since they are more numerous and can be just as good-looking... all girls are pretty in their own way actually ( :lol: that was corny, i didn't just say that...)

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Blond hair.

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Nah, all girls I've liked have been either red or very dark brown.


Oh ****, it's the complexion! :-

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