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The Battlestar Galactica Thread


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Tigh may have a guilt complex going but lets not turn him into another Baltar that hallucinates the past women in their lives.


I must have missed something in one of the epsiodes but Starbuck has a nasty attitude of late until Adama straighten her out on last weeks episode. She's one of the last people I would have thought that would talk trash about the military.


Yeah ok I see your point about Tigh.


Tigh is probably just mourning. Eventually he will realize that his wife was a total whore and she's the one responsible for all his problems. When he sees the light he will put on that eyepatch and become

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Yeh, he's gonna be one mean XO when he gets an eye-patch on. :p


Or a space pirate! (w00t)


He could replace Bill Duke as the head of the black market.



The eyepatch is beige. :)


Otherwise a really good episode. It brings some very important info to the table, like maybe the Cylons aren't so bad.

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"Unfinished Business"


A boxing tourney is organized in order for the crew to work out some frustrations and atone the rivalries between the various "partys" formed during the New Caprica occupation.


Adm. Adama takes a beating and shows everyone his guilt over him letting his crew get too close. He blames himself for letting his people go down to New Caprica and face the terrible events that many had to endure.


Lee and Kara work out their conflict over a night of torrid passion during which they both admit their love for each other but the next morning Kara marries Anders and Lee is left with Dee and a broken heart. He takes it back in the ring.

After the fight they hug, best friends once again. Anders and Dee are pissed.



IMO this episode is one, if not THE worst one ever for the series. It represents every fears I have about the show falling into Soap Opera crappiness.

It was just too "mushy" for me.

I'm hoping the writers are done with the "Getting over NC" episodes and the search for Earth can continue.

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I missed another episode again, last week. Argh! I am going to make a big sign and hang it above the tv saying BSG Friday nights at 9 PM!

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I got an email yesterday, saying that TV Guide is showing the mid-season finale of BSG in select Landmark theaters in I believe it was Atlanta, New York, LA, St. Louis, Chicago, and Dallas before it is shown on TV. Thoughout somone might want to know. Here's the link: BSG in Theaters. Just to warn anyone who might want to avoid spoilers, that page also includes a summary of the finale.

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I haven't posted in this thread much, but I'm still in love with this show. The boxing ep may have been a bit off (I thought it was pretty bad at the beginning, but the second half was great imo), but last night's episode was... it was bloody fantastic. All the way through. Definitely one of the strongest episode to date.


The end sequence had me in tears (misty eyed, not actually crying) and affected me physically. It actually had my body shaking a bit from the intensity of it all. No other show does this to me. No one (Veronica Mars at it's best comes close though).


Louanne "Kat" Katraine - CAG

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Gromnir really didn't like this last episode.


our profile at bio boards reads as follows:


"Career Aspiration: Hero


"one moment of foolhardy bravery can forgive a lifetime of sin and stupidity. what could be better?"


got multiple meanings but is ultimately a joke. is partial a mocking recognition o' how writers tries to go for the heartstrings in a cheap and obvious manner. always bugs us when we seen done clumsy.


everybody cheer for kat. kat pumps hands in air... victorious. kat then collapses. oh dear.


dunno. we never liked kat character. can't stand starbuck. got an episode with both being central and a somewhat cheesy redemption bit... just didn't work for Gromnir, but we is a jaded old fart.


btw, we watched the episode with a woman friend of ours, and she observed close to ending, "why do all the female characters on this show have to suck?" later she admitted that she likes dualla and the president, and baltar (who she thinks is so gay that he should count as a female cast member... but she thinks apollo is gay too, and she loathes him, so maybe it is a wash.)


in any event, we generally likes the show... just weren't a big fan of recent episode.


HA! Good Fun!

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dunno.  we never liked kat character.  can't stand starbuck.  got an episode with both being central and a somewhat cheesy redemption bit... just didn't work for Gromnir, but we is a jaded old fart.


I suppose it all has to do with one's previous relation to the Kat character. I always liked her and Starbuck which would make the impact stronger. If one never cared for either I can see how this episode would have been a wash.


I was going to write a long rant about the female characters as well, but it didn't come off very good. So short version, I think your friend is wrong and that BSG has excellent female characters with one or two exceptions.

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I agree with Gromnir for the most part, about this particular episode.


I found it very good though but I'm pretty sure that is because the last three weren't all that great.

If compared to most of the first two seasons and with Exodus II and Collaborators, this last one was a bit of a bore.


Kat was never a central character. Heck I never knew she was ever CAG, I don't remember anyone saying she was CAG although it makes sense that she would be during the occupation.

Kat's function as a character was to be Starbuck's thorn in her side. But Kara's character arc has just seen a dramatic shift and there is no need for Kat anymore. She would just be an extra now.


I'm glad she's dead. :)


I was happy to see some space action episode. I found the gaseous nebula obstacle to be an interesting plot device but I thought they didn't make a very big deal out of losing two ships and thousands of people. I'm gussing they will meet another ship very soon.


The Road to Earth plotline also sees some more development in this episode which is always a good thing imo. We can expect another showdown in the next 2 episodes, concluding the first half of the season.

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I could have misinterpreted, but I thought that was what they were doing when they brought civilians aboard the galactica (the whole "we have no food" speech and the man from Kat's past came from somewhere, right?).


You're right, I remember now but I didn't when I wrote my post. Makes sense too.


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