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Malaks cave?!?!


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If you dont have a lightsaber, i dont think you should even be there yet...I always go to Korriban last, because then Im strong enough to own them :rolleyes:


Dont know about those DS points, but usually i just use stasis and lightning-->does the trick for the other 5, but i have to beat Malak with a saber, because he`s pretty strong.

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i usually hit Korriban first, the weapon doesn't matter, just keep it well upgraded. you get ds points if you say you'd follow Revan to war now, the jedi civil war, or if you say something bad about the council. when they attack you, turn on a good energy shield so you have time to buff up with stims and force powers, and use medpacs

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How does anyone die in that tomb? It's too easy, even on hard.

Poor weaklings. How unworthy to be a Jedi.

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