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  1. Does it really matter that you can't customize your character's look for one game? It's not a big deal that you can't look exactly how you want.
  2. Vader did bring balance to the force. He killed all the jedi until there were two jedi and two sith. Vader would easil kill Malak. I killed Malak in the game getting hit about five times so it wouldn't be very hard for Darth Vader to slaughter Malak.
  3. Twileks are fun to kill. Jawas are the best. Then Sullustans. They rock.
  4. Darth Malak. He wasn't too bright, but he had some power. And he destroyed a few worlds. And he figured out how to unlock even more power of the Star Forge than Revan had.
  5. HK-47. He is useful in combat and has skills.
  6. Revan was trying to take control of the Republic because he despised weakness. He wasn't completely evil, as the mandalorians aren't completly evil. But as the Star Forge uses the dark side of the force he couldn't have used it if he wasn't DS.
  7. 57/62 I haven't beat it on Darkside yet or found all the party videos though
  8. The first time I played I got stuck on the tank droid in the Telos military base. It was easy the other times I played though and there were no other hard parts, except I played a DS consular and could not kill Vrook. He just killed me in two hits every time.
  9. Dark Jedi robes are awesome, but no robes beat the Darth Revan robes you can get on the star forge.
  10. Yes this happened to me. I had a bout ten wookies and one took up T3 space so i could take two at once. That Galaxy droid really messes things up. when i used it to go to The Endar Spire or The Star Forge I could exit the ship through the little security room and it didn't load.
  11. i don't know what happens if you die <{POST_SNAPBACK}> On all of them (Malak, Mandalorians, Companians) except against Revan, if you die you get DS. Against Revan if you die you die.
  12. Darth Revan was the best, and looked the coolest out of them all.
  13. Disciple. The first time i got him i found out his whole story and made him into a jedi in the first room.
  14. It is a good idea, but most of the characters won't get influence just through a normal conversation.
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