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Post pic of your desktop


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Geez, you don't even think the Canadians use correct grammar?


Hey, someone post a picture of the desktop. We're getting away from pics. Here I'll post a new desktop



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I have that many if I install everything and get rid of all my :luck: stuff. and find all my really old games that are finicky about working on this machine.

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Kevin Butler will awesome your face off.

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Here it is:




I am curious: what buildings are those?

Those are a couple of the pyramids from the Muttart Conservatory in Edmonton. PM me your e-mail address and I'll send you a bigger, better copy. That just doesn't look good stretched out like that.

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I have 36 if you don't count emulated games(both console and DOS).


Way too many.


I'm using my Internet\work OS.


I'll delete the the junk and post a pic.


I counted 26 lying around in my house. I'm sure there are more hidden somewhere but I'm too lazy to look for them and put them nicely somewhere.


P.S. Did you take that picture, Vixen?

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