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How do you use "Force Camouflage"?

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You put skill points into stealth and if you have force camouflage then you don't need a stealth thingy to enter stealth mode.



It's the same ability that the Cathar woman, Juhani I beleve she was called, had in KotOR I.

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I disagree. Force Camo allows you to have a stealth-focused character while leaving the belt slot free for some great belts (utility, or that nice +4 STR belt). Stealth attacks allows for good openings in combat. But then again, you are going to cut through those poor SOBs so easily, it really doesn't matter how you do it.

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That is quite rubbish compare with what other classes get?

Pretty much. You choose Jedi Watchman for the skill points, mostly, not for this ability.

Actually, I normally take it for the Sneak Attack bonuses.

I never use Force Cameo...never use Stealth mode either, in fact. The Sneak Attack bonuses come into play because I use either Force Jump (Guardian) or disabling Force Powers (Whirlwind, Stun, Stasis, etc.)

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There are a couple of places where Stealth comes in handy, such as disabling mines between you and your enemies, or discovering some tidbit of info. for a quest ... There are also some strategies utilizing it, such as sneaking up to a group of badguys (or goodguys, depending on which way you swing :- ) and laying mines around them.



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