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How do you get Disciple?

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Completed the game last week, I had lots of NPCs, but I did not meet Disciple at all.


How could one get him as a henchman?


Play a female character and find him on Dantooine in the Jedi Enclave sublevel, where you find the dead Mandalorians and the clue about Vrook being taken captive.



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Few people like Disciple (as a character) so maybe you're not missing anything. :D

I never go without him myself.

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I'd rather have Handmaiden of course :):ermm: , but I think the disciple points out more of the story. For example we see that Kreia is hiding herself from all Jedi which explains why the Jedi masters dont see her if she's in your party when you first meet her. Also, he points out that someone is stealing holocrons, namely Atris.

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It replaces the handmaiden.........







Poor Disciple... nobody loves him... people even subconsciously refer to him as "it". :ermm:

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