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Favorite Anthology Horror/Sci-fi Television Show?

Which below is your favorite? List a favorite episode, too!  

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  1. 1. Which below is your favorite? List a favorite episode, too!

    • Twilight Zone (original? 80s? new?)
    • The Outer Limits (original or remake?)
    • Alfred Hitch**** Presents (original or remake?)
    • Hammer House of Horror
    • Night Gallery
    • Amazing Stories
    • Tales from the Darkside
    • Monsters
    • The Hitchhiker
    • Other (please specify)

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If there is one tv genre I like it is anthology horror/sci-fi. It is difficult for me to pin down exactly which one is my favorite but if I had to pick one it would be The Twilight Zone. The original TZ hold such a special place in my heart... years ago, this one station in California would air TZ marathons every Thanksgiving Day. Talk about something to be thankful for! Even today, if Twilight Zone is on, I usually have to watch until the end.


Looking at the list I made, I must admit I love them all. Each one had something special, one or two exceptional episodes that give me chills every time I view them.


The Hitchhiker - I remember seeing this infrequently when I would visit someone who would have cable tv. The theme music still sticks out in my head. Hitchhiker Theme here, btw. The episode where the composer/musician kills his wife and her lover was really nice from what I remember. It has been too long since I've seen this though.


Off topic a little, but I remember there were little 10-15 minute horror shows between The Hitchhiker and Alfred Hitch**** Presents. I remember two off the top of my head. One was ten minutes of this guy building this "thing" out of wood and metal. At the end we see it is a mousetrap and he sticks his neck in. The other short I remember is a fisherman hiking to this lake in the woods. Along the way he drops his sandwich in a stream and is understandably pretty pissed. When he gets to the lake to fish, he notices this nice shiny apple sitting on a rock. Hungry, he starts to eat the apple and then realizes too late that there is a hook in the apple and gets reeled into the lake.


For Alfred Hitch**** Presents, I remember an episode that aired on the USA remake. It involved this loud mouth idiot who drives a Cadillac with bull horns on the front. I think the episode was called Road Hog. How the towns people get their revenge was classic!


Monsters had a handful of neat episodes. I remember one where this man gets stranded in the rain after his car breaks down. He heads off to a farm house and learns that there is more to the daughter that nice curves.


Tales from the Darkside had a couple gems (its opening is still creepy as hell). The episode where the chain smoker wakes up with bars on the windows was neat. But the one I remember best, was with the parents scaring their children by telling them of this evil creature from the north pole.


I'd better stop now otherwise I will be here all day.


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Tales From the Dark Side was uber creepy. I still wet my pants when I hear the theme song

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Twilight Zone original, for sure. When local stations used to play marations (these days it's Sci-Fi channel I guess) I'd tape 'em all...Rod was a mster. It's like watching 'spot the future famous person' too. Fun stuff.

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Like almost everyone else, the Twilight Zone original.

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Funny thing is, barring a few cruddy visual effects, the Twilight Zone is IMMENSLEY watchable even to-day. Pretty impressive stuff.


Also, Shatner is a wasted actor- watch some of his early stuff, and he had potential. Oh well, he's richer now and more important because of Star Trek (and subsequent milking of Trek) than he ever would have been otherwise.

Interesting factoid: Shatner starred in the ONLY film ever shot in Esperanto. Interesting stuff it was too.

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1. There was a film shot in Esperanto?  ;)


2. Speaking of Shatner, I thought it was pretty damn funny about that fake movie shoot he had here in Iowa.  Man, so many people were pissed.



1. Yes. One. And it starred him. It was in the 60s, if I recall rightly.


2. Tell us about that, haven't heard of it.

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