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What is "spice"?

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Okay, I've been wondering this since Davik's house on Taris... what is spice? Is it like drugs -- pot, heroin, etc. -- or tobacco or something totally different? It must be illegal (because people always say things about 'smuggling'). So what is it? I'm guessing it's drugs because when Mira is talking about "power couplings" she asks you if you've been chewing on spice because you "glow".



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It's a narcotica (drugs) out of the mines of Kessel...


It can't stand sunlight, and has to be mined in the dark, protected and created by Spiders who feed on warmblooded creatures...


For more info read the "Jedi Academy" trilogy by Kevin J. Anderson

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There's also "Spice" in Sid Meier's Pirates!.

I just consider spice to be like all the seasoning powders/additives around, and drugs technically do this as well.


A modern day example is KFC's "11 Herbs & Spices".


In Star Wars, Spice is probably referring to the drugs only.


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