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Handmaiden Vs Visas

Which girl did YOU think was better?  

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  1. 1. Which girl did YOU think was better?

    • Handmaiden - Last of the Echani Handmaidens
    • Visas Marr - Dark Jedi Miraluka

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I didn't like any of them very much, but at least the Handmaiden can kick incredible amounts of ass if properly planned.

- When he is best, he is a little worse than a man, and when he is worst, he is little better than a beast.

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Like Hive perfectly stated - Mira :)


Visas is way too dependant, that's all. If it's not Nihilus, it's Exile, she has no life of her own. She acts more like a serving machine than a human being. And she's a Sith, too!


Handmaiden is weak. Simple as that. When I talk to her, I always hear a whiney tone in her voice, and she tends to whine as well. She's just weak, everything she does is weak, except fighting.


Mira has a strong character. She knows what she wants, and she'll get it, screw everyone else. That's just my type :p

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Visas Marr.

Just because you're a bit thinner than your even fatter mum it doesn't mean you're in excellent physical shape, if you could fit through the door and view the normal people you'd notice that cheeseburger boy. Squid suck.

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Brianna. I love the little short hair, pockets full of kick-some-ass, and those blue-grey eyes....


Mira is a very close second. Visas is definitely a great party member, but she's just not up to snuff when compared to those two... I'm not into the bee-stung lips and lack of a second character class... :p

I felt about her like I felt about big Z in KOTOR. Forced to have along at some points and nice for variety, but not in my power party by any means.

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I prefer Visas. Mainly because she seems much more mature than Handmaiden, much more experienced and a hell of alot less naive. :p

"They might not call you a Jedi anymore, but believe me, you are. It's not the sort of thing that you just stop being. You're stuck with it, just like you're stuck being the General." ~Bao-Dur, Knights of the Old Republic: The Sith Lords
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She was practically raised by a jedi..so do gooder attitude is sorta expectable.


I'm not into chicks but I say handmaiden. She seems more in depth..more developed than visas does. That and she actually says new things once in a while other than 'My life for yours', which would make me paranoid after a while... :mellow:


That and ya gotta love somebody who fights bare handed and with no clothes and still almost kicks your butt :D

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