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Your thoughts on this? - EP 3 SPOILERS

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Ok so I founf this web site


in there right at the end where it says

Anakin Force Chokes Padme and leaves. Then Padme gives birth to twins (Luke and Leia) and dies..


uh... ok... remember this?

"Leia, do you remember your mother?"

"Yes, just a little bit, she died when I was very young"

"What was she like?"

"Beautiful, kind"


or at least it was something like that.


Now if, according to those pictures, Padme died right after giving birth to twins, then George Lucas lost all my respect. Comeon! He didn't even follow the original Star Wars! Did he really wanted it to be SO dramatic that he didn't care what he did back in the 70s/80s? Leia is supposed to remember her mother! That means that Padme had to live long enough for Leia to remember her



What do you think?

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I have also been curious about this. The only thing I can think about it is that perhaps Leia is so force sensative that she somehow has force memories of her mother or something. I know its a stretch and is doubtful that GL will ever explain this.

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I really don't think it's that big of a deal. I've always thought it was obvious that Leia was referring to her adopted mother. Otherwise, why would the twins be serarated at birth only to have Leia, a Force Sensitve daughter of the Dark Lord and heir to the throne of Naboo, be allowed to live with her biological mother after Yoda and Obi-Wan went through all of the trouble to keep them hidden from the Emporer.


I mean, how hidden would Leia have been living with Padme for awhile when anyone who was close to the situation knew that Padme was pregnant with twins?


I seriously thought this was common knowledge unless Lucas said something that I'm not aware of. Which is entirely possible.

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I've been mulling over whether she's meant her real mother or her adoptive one. And if Padme is dying too soon for memory, then I'm hopping over the fence to the adoptive mother memory. I mean, we only ever see her interacting with her "father" right? No mom. So maybe she's remembering her second mother . . .


I dunno. Even if Lucas originally wrote it to mean Padme, it doesn't matter because it can be explained away and no one will *really* know what he meant originally; only he will.

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I forgot something. It was Leia's real mother.

LUKE: "Do you remember your mother; your real mother?"

LEIA: Only a little bit. She died when I was very young."

LUKE: "What do you remember?"

LEIA: "Mostly images really. Feelings."

LUKE: "Tell me."

LEIA: "She was very beautiful. Kind, but sad. Luke, What's troubling you?"

LUKE: "I have no memory of my mother. I never knew her."


Leia lived with her mom - Padme - the real mother


so either that web site got it wong (could they?) or somehow they'll show when Leia is 3-4 years old and Padme dies. Anakin truly becomes Darth Vader..

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exactly. It's Star Wars, and it has to be right.

Heck why is everyone so obsessed with special effects and crap? Why can't they focus on a story? Lucas is focusing on making it look cool, not the story. Give me the original Star Wars back in the new ones! Come on! Who needed that Anakin falling down through skyscrapers on Cpruscant? I want the story! Somehow the original movies were more relaxed, with heart, don't you think?

Ok I'm really off topic now

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Yeah, see? That works for me! Darned Juma Juice. It'll do it to ya every time.



Seriously, has anyone even read all the original scripts Lucas wrote for the trilogy and how much he changed them?


Only bits and pieces actually made it into the films.



This reminds me of the debate about Vader really being Luke's father when ESB first came out (and I was around back then.) Ironically enough, almost everyone hated the whole idea and refused to believe it was true. And now they accept it without question, hahaha.



It's George's story. Merely enjoy the fact that he's shared it with us.



At one point he contemplated doing Episodes 7, 8 and 9, and was going to throw out all of Zahn's work. Why? It's HIS story! And if he does, so what?

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Leia is a force sensitive woman. Usually, force sensitives can remember the past, and sense the future. Obviously Leia remembers those short moments that she had with Padme because she is FORCE SENSITIVE! I thought you guys played KOTOR I...remember all of those locations that PC remembered from her/his past?

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I wonder why Luke doesn't remember anything?


Maybe Leia's more powerful...


Gosh, wouldn't *that* throw a spanner in the works with all Luke's fanboys? Hehe.


*Padme gives birth to twins and dies*


Yoda: Midichlorian test we must do.


*Die-hard fans scream: NO, NOT THE MIDICHLORIANS!!!!*


Yoda: Stronger with the Force the girl is, than the boy


Kenobi: Nah, she's a girl- there hasn't been a single female Jedi outside Jocasta Nu with a speaking part, now you tell me our "new hope" is a chick? You're out of mind, freaking, dyslexic muppet.


Yoda: Mock my nature not, or limp to Tattooine with one leg, you will. Besides, CGI now, I am.


Kenobi: Pfft, yeah well, I'm taking the boy to Tattooine with me - you can do what you like with the girl.


Yoda: *sighs*

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