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I am interested in games...Alot.


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Now, i'm not very good at all in anything even related to math. However, I have wanted to write a book forever and i'm really good in english. I read tons of books (as some will recognize from my name) and I want to learn more about writing them.



So, if I continue to excel at reading/writing, can I become a script writer for games? And how do I go about doing this?


P.S. _________________________


I'm 15 years old, so maybe that effects something wether it's in time or anything.

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x amounts of people reading athread and not answering could be as simple as them not having any information to share.

I know I don't have any idea of how hard it is to get into gamebiz as a scriptwriter on writeing talent alone...


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If you plan on college, get a degree in English/Literature, or something like that.


The game industry seems to be about what you can do, not what schooling you've had. The nice thing about school, though, is that the teachers might show you stuff that you would've otherwise passed over, AND you'll have something to do just incase you don't end up in the game industry.


For now, just learn as much as you can about writing scripts, study the scripts that you read through in games, write a bunch of scripts... scripts. Scripts.

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It seems like in the games industry the designers do all the writing, but they also do a large majority of the scripting as well(one step down from programming I believe), so you might want to look into that as well. Once you have a good knowledge of the writing and scripting, most designers have said to try to get an entry level position like QA, then you can work your way up from there.

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if you have an idea, you should begin writing it.

dont worry, a good writer is not good by himself. he has a lot of copy editors who proof his work, and script editors who say 'this is too much' or 'we need more detail here' and an agent and publicist and a lot of other people will help you write your book in the biz.


once u write your book of at least 300 pages, print it out and start mailing it to one of the publishing houses and hope they buy it. hey a lot of great writers like stephen king were rejected up to 20 times on their first couple of books so never lose hope. also some writers have written and then had to wait 20 years for their books to be published... some of its luck you know.


dont expect to get rich quick. like anything, writing for a living is hard work.

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I had a whole big response to this written up when something bad happened to the forums or my computer last night. Ah well. Some advice in no particular order.


1 - Go to college.

2 - Read everything.

3 - If you want to write, set aside a few hours a day or every other day for writing. Be strict with yourself. I don't care what you are writing or for who - just write.

4 - Experience stuff. The old 'you write what you know' line. Know more, write better. Work a weird job, travel the world, meet people, go places and do things. There is waywayway more to life than anime and RPGs.

5 - Research the game industry as much as possible. You'll probably be making less for more work than someone in another field.

6 - Make stuff and mod stuff before they pay you to do it. You have to be doing the job in order to get the job.

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Another thing you can do is to put together at least a moderate sized module for NWN. That would help you learn how writing applies to games and also a little bit about scripting.


We tend to have our designers work on what they are good at. Some designers do a lot of writing and only a little bit of scripting, while other focus a little bit more on systems design and scripting. Then we have scripters who just focus on scripting, so that designers and writers don't have to.

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I just got NWN, and it's pretty awesome... The editor seems a lot like Morrowinds... I'm going to create a module after I beat the game, and I'll play around w/ it in Multiplayer... I have a story for a potential campaign in NWN (just something I'll do for a bit of fun)... :(

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