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do want there to be a kotor III

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Yes there should be KOTOR3, but they should take time onit, new engine, new graphics etc taking all the good things in KOTOR & KOTOR2 and expanding them. It should be an XBOX 2 and PC release, because then thered be improved graphics, framerates and loading time.


And presumably the xbox2 is using a new disc type that can store more stuff on so they can make the game bigger and add more stuff like hodded robes.

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Yes, if they improve the game's weaknesses.



"No K3 threads, they've been done a million times.

Moderator Lock it.


Not again..........


And yes most people want K3.

Now, if you are wise delete this topic."


Stop trolling, please. :)


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the only way to get this pathetic excuse for a thread shutdown is to...




























































































































































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