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movie kotor?

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Darth Revan - Clive Owen

Carth Onasi - Russell Crowe

Bastila Shan - Kate Beckinsale

Jolee Bindo - Danny Glover

Juhani - Famke Janssen

Canderous Ordo - Kurt Russell

Zaalbar - Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca)

HK-47 - Kristoffer Tabori (actor from the game)

Mission Vao - Hillary Duff (for irritation's sake)

T3-M4 - Sound Effects

Darth Malak - Hugo Weaving

Saul Karath - Patrick Stewart

Darth Bandon - a bald Will Smith ( :) )

Calo Nord - Vin Diesel

Davik Kang - Al Pacino


How about a KOTOR2 cast...?

"You shall not pass!"
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the Exile - Viggo Mortensen

Kreia - Vanessa Redgrave?

Atton Rand - Ethan Hawke

Bao-Dur - Matt Damon

Handmaiden - Jennifer Love Hewitt (with bleached hair)

Mira - Lindsay Lohan

Visas Marr - Kelly Hu, duh.

Mandalore - Kurt Russell

HK-47 - Kristoffer Tabori

T3-M4 - Sound Effects

G0-T0 - Danny DeVito

Hanharr - Who cares? He's a dumb character.

Darth Nihilis - Doesn't really matter, you never see and hardly hear him.

Darth Sion - Paul Hogan

Atris - Sandra Bullock

"You shall not pass!"
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It's a game that shouldn't be a movie, because Georgie will ruin and all your dreams, you little children, so stop, because he's gonna come in and edit all of the hope, and fun, and happyness you thought you had, and he's gonna put it in a little jar that you'll never see, because he doesn't want you to see it. So grow up, and be strong.

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I agree that Russell as Carth, Kate Beckinsale as Bastila, and Oldman as Malak are unquestionable.

As for Revan, it's a bit hard to say. I agree that either Christian Bale or Guy Pearce would be really successful in the role, but what about Matt Damon? For some reason I could really see him in this role.

I know i'm going to get criticized for this because Samuel L. played Mace Windu, but seriously he's perfect for Jolee.

And Ray Park as Darth Bandon. Just cuz Bandon has barely any lines and Ray Park needs a job.

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