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What did u find on the mummy in Freddon Nads tomb

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K i just got to his tomb ran and did everything inclding the math problem wich annoyed me cause it should have been explained , but anyways when i got to the end and i killed the jedi master , searched the mummy and got nads short light sabre . Thouhgt it was okay but when i looked it does one more dammage then my duel lgihtsabre 1 pont being min and maximum damage and stuns 100 on hit . anyone else get this ? probably the best item i have only thing that compare is my soresh band and exur kuns armor .

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Strange, I have only been through the game once (so far!) but when I got Nadd's lightsaber it was extremely weak compared to my single-bladed blue lightsaber.... I guess I am just a great constructor of lightsabers :p

If you compair it to a stock lightsaber it is one point higher than the double blade which is of course more powerful than a single blade, But as you have said if you mod you lightsaber (and who doesn't :) ) it is as you said extremly weak.

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I must have run into a random glitch.  When I went through the first time, I got Freddon Nads' blaster.  I didn't know that Sith Lords needed blasters.  I assume that I must have run into a glitch.



You get the short lightsabre from Nad, I got the blaster from one of the Sith Lords.

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I must have run into a random glitch.  When I went through the first time, I got Freddon Nads' blaster.  I didn't know that Sith Lords needed blasters.  I assume that I must have run into a glitch.


Why cant Sith use a blaster. Some Sith lack in confidence with lightsabers sometimes you know. >_<

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That Nadd`s short saber is WEAK!! ... and by weak I mean..WEAK!

Great piece of collection tho` :)

I hanged it on the windshield on the Ebon Hawk while I gone in search of the True Sith or Revan...


I blame the old witch(Kreia) for giving such a poor saber


SIDENOTE:After the weak lines all that follows is more or less sarcasm... I mean I kill an entire tomb just for a crap saber which by that time I can make one much stronger!?!?!?


No wonder he died...with that saber...can`t stop wondering HOW did he got to be one of the most powerful Sith Lords with that tiny saber...

And Kreia said that the OLD saber masters would`ve eaten me for breakfast(somewhere on KOrriban when she talks about that great saber user dead guy >_< ) so he either bribed them to stay alive or he kept running like a Sith coward

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Of course, for all you know that was only his secondary weapon. His "regular" lightsaber would have been much better. Want proof? Then be fair and compare it to a regular short lightsaber, instead of a double-bladed variant. They get, what, 2-12 damage, right?

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2-12 is a little low for a short lightsaber with 2 powerful crystals and Ultimate Diat. Cell,Expert Fencing and those nice Lens I keep forgetting their name


Also since sabers tend to be somewhat balanced I ASSUME from that short lightsaber that his main one was no more than 70 top(WITH some VERY strong crystals like Qxigoni and such)...that compares it to a normal saber for the PC


Given that Exile can be somewhere close to 80 easy that doesn`t make Nadd such a powerful saber craftman...


also it`s unusual to have ONLY the short saber in tomb and NOT the main one which can be speculated that it was his ONLY saber(based on belief that Sith Lords either used ONE saber only or double hilted).Never it is said that at least ONE Sith LOrd used 2 sabers and probably it`s that way because there was NONE


Revan used one,Malak used one,Nihilus,Sion,Kreia use one...The Sith Master and his female apprentice on Korriban in KoToR 1 used ONE... so we may safely assume Nadd`s saber was unfortunately the MAIN one as in the ONLY one... if he was a left hand user that`s not my concern..I would`ve shown the Light path to him in a shorter time hihi

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Freedon Nadd's pistol


A vile weapon that once belonged to Freedon Nadd. This blaster has killed more jedi than any lightsaber.

  • 3-12 + 2-20 dark side damage
  • Scope upgrade
  • Restricted to Sith professions
  • Critical range sucks, 20-20
  • Attack mod +2
  • Balanced

You get this weapon too late in the game. It would have been fun to use blaster thru whole game. Hmm... I failed my last gimped character and game was way too easy. I'll do DS blasters only run next time (after patch).

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