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i think Revan is on Korriban

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Revan headquarter isnt on Korriban The Acadamy is, but not his headquarter.


The Twi'lek on Korriban that is The masters apprentice and take you as student says that Revan sometimes visited but they never saw his face, because he always wore a mask, this imply that he wasent staying there.


Further last scene as darkside his army is assembled at the unknown planet near starforge on Solar system map cordinates, the one that pulls you down with a tractor beam, so youll likely meet him there, if we meet him at all.


If his on Korriban it would be a big mistake from the Developers side.

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revan could very easily be on korriban when/if you meet him in kotor2, he could be on telos, or nar shadaa, or onderon, etc... just because he ended kotor on the unknown planet and his last known whereabouts was korriban doesn't mean he can't travel UNDERCOVER, to anywhere he chooses. around the kotor galaxy it is generally known by its inhabitants that revans last appearance was on korriban, and that's all. he could be anywhere now

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Maybe Revan fell and got amnesia again?

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if you watch closly you see a charecter in korriban at the end of the korriban flyby video i think almost 70% it could be revan it likes like his robes i'm just spectlating

Well you see 6 people standing around in the background inside that building on Korriben.

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Probably Revan is captured or dead.


Otherwise I can't think of a reason why he wouldn't kick the remaining Sith Lords in the  n**s.. :o

nuts :ermm: well i dont see why they would make him dead, but then agian to me there was no attachment to the character in the first game bcs he really didnt seem to have a past! Yea i too think that he would kick them in the balls though!:D

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