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100 hours of gameplay? This guy certainly confused things.


Nur Ab Sal was one such king. He it was, say the wise men of Egypt, who first put men in the colossus, making many freaks

of nature at times when the celestial spheres were well aligned.



This I doubt. We are hearing a child's tale.

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A)They're just screens so they don't show what people can and can not do with their characters once they have the game.


B)Everything he's said I tend to agree with,to a point. However he does seem to want to try and 'jack damn near any topic in here.


But if it makes him happy whatever,he's welcome to his POV like anyone else.

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I'm thinking he means characters given a lot of Force Powers,and used in locals that you wouldn't normally see them in. Just to test codes for the characters and powers out.


A lot of early screens for Knights showed a giant Rancor on the Unknown World and HK on Taris.


Could be wrong though.

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