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Some Detailed Info Of Characters!

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This is quite a detailed discription of Characters I picked up from www.starwarsknights.com of the Characters from KOTOR and KOTOR 2


WARNING! READ AT YOUR OWN RISK !!!! This post does post Spoilers about the Characters and their possible roles in KOTOR 2 So please read at your own risk !


READER BEWARE YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED If you do not want to be spoiled Please Turn Back now!


Some Of You Might Know All Ready know About Some Of The Characters But Still It Does Have some Info Leak!











Yeah I know! God Killed A Kitten! :)













New and Confirmed Characters in KOTOR 2:





The Exile - Essentially, he or she is you. Your character this time around starts off as a Jedi, albeit a junior and weakened one thanks to whatever circumstances brought you to Peragus Station aboard the Ebon Hawk. According to Obsidian dev Akari, the PC is referred to as the Exile verbally by other characters. During the Mandalorian Wars, the Exile joined with Revan and Malak to fight the marauding band of warriors against the orders of the Jedi Council and was cast out, which explains why the Exile sat out the events of the Jedi Civil War. However, the Exile (and you, naturally) does have some knowledge of those events, since he or she will be questioned about the events of that time. The Sith clearly know of the existence of the Exile, perhaps the last Jedi threat to them, and are relentlessly pursuing him or her.


Atris - You've all seen her, she's the hauntingly pretty cover girl for the game, seen either as face-on portrait or dueling a Sith Lord with a blue-colored lightsaber, implying she's a Jedi Guardian, at least in RPG class terms. Although she is the public face of the game, she is also one of the two characters we know the least about. There are rumors that since the game will center Onderon, a world prominent in the Tales of the Jedi comics series, that she is tied to that planet, possibly its queen (which could explain the handmaiden). According to recently leaked info, she does play an important role in KOTOR 2, but is not, repeat not, a party member. However, it has been widely speculated that she is a potential love interest for male PCs, but that's only a speculation, likely based on the relationship between the male Revan and Bastila in the first KOTOR.


Darth Nihilis/Nihlus - The dark Yang to Atris' Yin, his masked face is perhaps one of the most ubiqitous images in KOTOR 2's marketing, from the box to wallpapers to avatars. One of the early concept artworks depicted him dueling with Atris, implying that such a meeting could happen in the game, assuming that the picture was literal rather than figurative. Other than that, including his true name, is up in the air at this point, however OXM magazine recently gave his name spelled as Darth Nihlus, so the general form of his name could be considered confirmed at this point.


Darth Sion - One of the few characters that we do know a lot about, Sion is essentially like Darth Vader without the suit. His body is scarred and totally in pain. According to OXM magazine, it's practically on the verge of crumbling, being only held together by the dark side of the Force. OXM also reveals that he can contort his shape to avoid attacks, almost as if he was like the T-1000 from the second Terminator movie. Sion leads an order of Sith assassins, bent on hunting down and destroying the last of the Jedi, including the Exile. Screenshots have shown him dueling with the Exile on the wreck of a Republic warship. His relation to Darth Nihilis, as in which one is the master and which is the apprentice, isn't known fully. His voice is currently featured at the official site.


Kreia - Another character that we know much about, however by nature is mysterious, both to us and to the Exile. She possesses a telepathic bond with the Exile, which helps her to train him/her to reconnect with the Force over the course of the game. The official site states that she will "teach the player new ways to listen to the Force, permitting him to gain new powers and abilities." Additionally, the site states that she may sacrifice herself if she thinks it would help the Exile in his/her journey, perhaps setting up a situation similar to Obi-Wan's demise in Episode IV. As a party member, she has two special abilities (number stated by the devs at one point). The official site states that the first is her ability to "Force Chain," where any power cast by the Exile on her is applied to the whole party. Her second is that she gives experience bonuses during battle to each of the party members; a percentage increase over normal. According to one magazine article, Kreia's padawan was none other than Darth Sion. OXM revealed for the first time anywhere that Kreia is blind, potentially seeing through the Force. Artwork of her shows her normally wielding a green-bladed lightsaber (both single and dual-bladed), implying that she is a Jedi Consular, at least in terms of class. Her voice is featured at the official site.


Mira - The first party member to be explained in any depth, she was also featured in the tech demo showed at E3. She is a bounty hunter, equipped with a Fett-like wrist launcher, but had been seen weilding standard weapons. According to Akari, one of her special abilities is called "Point Guard," that she can see land mines better than anyone and won't set any off if she steps within their bubble of sensitivity. In fact, if she is selected to lead a party, the rest of the group won't set them off, either. There is a possibility that she is a love interest for male incarnations of the Exile, but that hasn't been confirmed.


Atton Rand - The first party member you'll encounter in KOTOR 2, the Exile will find him in prison on Peragus Station. Essentially an homage to Han Solo, he is a pilot, card-player, scoundrel ("You'd like him."). One of special abilities is that if he is knocked down and if there are other party members still standing, he'll get back up and keep fighting. His other ability is that he can resist attacks that stun, paralyze, and poison, but it is unknown whether or not that includes Force attacks that cause those effects. It is believed that he is a potential love interest for female Exiles, given his character's commonality with Han Solo. Atton will be the one to question the Exile as to what happened during KOTOR 1 and those answers will dictate how the story of KOTOR 2 unfolds. When talking with him, the player can state if Revan was male or female and if Revan became a Jedi or returned to being a Sith lord. According to the banner on the official site, it appears possible that Atton will follow the Exile towards the path of the Jedi or fall to the dark side, since his visage alters depending on how the visitor answers the pop-up questions.


Bao Dur - A newer party member that we're learning more and more about. He is a Zabrak, the same species of future Sith apprentice Darth Maul and has a robotic arm. According to Akari, one of his special abilities is to smash through force-fields with his arm. The other is a special droid "pet," which looks like the training remote from Episode IV. This droid can attack enemies and repair friendly droids. Bao Dur's class isn't known, but Akari is quoted as saying that it is a new one to KOTOR. Like Atton Rand, he can be corrupted or redeemed by the actions of the Exile.


Mandalore - Another newer party member, who has been seen before in screenshots but wasn't named until the official site unveiled their line of instant message icons. According to Akari, this person is the Mandalore, but that is a slight misnomer. Mandalore is more of a title than a name, passed on to the next greatest warrior in the Mandalorian clans after the previous one is killed. One died in the Tales of the Jedi series and Darth Revan slew one during the Mandalorian Wars. Other than what we can guess about this particular Mandalore, we know very little. It is rumored that Mandalore is really Canderous Ordo from KOTOR 1, but that's a very wild rumor.


Visas Marr - The last of the named party members, information on her has been coming out rather quickly. The first clue as to her existence came in an issue of Entertainment Weekly, which stated that actress Kelly Hu from such films as "X2: X-Men United" and "The Scorpion King" was supplying Visas' voice. She appears to be Force-capable, since in she wields a lightsaber in some screenshots. According to some speculation, she is a member of the secret Sith sect known as the Krath, a reference to the Tales of the Jedi comics, which makes sense since Onderon and Dxun plays a role in KOTOR 2. According to Chris Avellone, a developer from Obsidian Entertainment, Visas cannot be in the same party as the character known as the "handmaiden," giving us our first case of alignment exclusion with party members. It's a logical conclusion that she'll only join with dark side Exiles. It's also possible that she'll be an opponent to light side Exiles. It's possible that Visas can be trained in the ways of the dark side by the player, given that apprentices play a role in KOTOR 2. She could also be a potential love interest for male Exiles, given that she is voiced by a semi-well-known actress and because she's a female. There had been speculation that she could be the third Sith Lord (shouldn't it be Sith Lady?), but that's dwindling thanks to revelations from OXM magazine.


Handmaiden (Real name unknown, if she has one) - One of the most ambiguous party members, it turns out we've seen her in screenshots since some of the very early ones, however since she had white hair and was wielding a lightsaber with a blue blade it was assumed that she was Atris. It wasn't until the official site was re-launched with AIM icons available for download did we learn at least a temporary moniker for this character. The term "handmaiden" seems derived from the prequel trilogy, and it is likely that this handmaiden fulfills the same role as the ones who follow Padme Amidala. Since Onderon, one of the worlds in KOTOR 2, has a monarchy, she could be in the service of that world's queen. Or, as in the case of Episode I, she could in fact be the queen (potentially even Atris) traveling in disguise. As mentioned above, she cannot be in the same party with Visas Marr, suggesting that she can only accompany a light side Exile. It also appears that she could be an apprentice that the Exile could instruct in the Force, given that she has been seen wielding a variety of lightsabers in many screenshots. There's also a similar possibility that she could be a romantic interest for male versions of the Exile, especially if the handmaiden is in fact Atris.


Disciple (Real name unknown, if he has one) - Like the handmaiden, this character is shrowded in mystery. He debuted in the banner on the new official site and was given the vague designation of "Disciple" by his AIM icon. However, it seems very clear now that he is an apprentice that the Exile will train as Kreia trained him/her, since he wears a Jedi/Sith robe and since, when pressed about the disciple, Akari admitted that there were apprentices (note the plural form). The disciple natually will follow the Exile's path towards the light side or the dark side of the Force. However, there is the potential that the disciple could turn on his master, just as Anakin Skywalker turned on Obi-Wan Kenobi. He could also be a love interest for the female Exile, which could be very interesting given the teacher-student dynamic between them.




Returning and Rumored Characters in KOTOR 2:



T3-M4 - The only confirmed charater from KOTOR 1 that will join your party, the Exile will find him on the Ebon Hawk and will likely need him to repair the battle damage to the ship. It is unlikely that T3 will retain any of the levels and experience gained during KOTOR 1, but since he's a droid, it's rather easy to have his memory erased. The devs have stated the desire to give him something more to do in this game than last time.


HK-47/HK-50 - Perhaps the most popular characters in KOTOR 1, fans have been demanding for a return of their favorite wise-cracking assassin droid. Given that the devs feel that the dynamic between T3 and HK is similar to R2-D2 and C-3P0, a return is likely, however, there has been a potential complication. According to some reports from some magainzes, the Exile early on will encounter an assassin droid on Peragus Station, a gray-hued one named HK-50. However, other reports suggest that it is Hk-47 that the Exile discovers, not a new droid. This has led to rampant speculation over the fate of HK. Perhaps he merely got a new paint job, as C-3P0 did between Episode II and Episode III. Perhaps he was somehow destroyed in the years between KOTOR 1 and KOTOR 2 and had his memories transferred to a new body with a new designation. Perhaps there is only one, either HK-47 or HK-50. Or, perhaps, there are two of them, one that will potentially join the Exile's party and the other to be encountered seperately, either as friend or foe.


Darth Revan - The player character of KOTOR 1, the devs have promised that discovering Revan's fate will be a key plot point in KOTOR 2. As mentioned above, the Exile's answers to Atton Rand's questions early on will determine Revan's gender and alignment. Whether or not Revan returned to the Jedi Order or reclaimed the mantle of Dark Lord of the Sith, he/she took the Ebon Hawk to Korriban for one reason or the other a year after KOTOR 1 to seek out...something. After that, the Hawk vanished into the Unknown Regions along with Revan. Revan's disappearance through the galaxy into chaos, enabling Darth Nihilis and Darth Sion to take control of the Sith and press onward, destroying the Jedi. A cameo by Revan is possible, but problematic. For starters, other than a few sentences uttered here and there, Revan had no spoken dialogue during KOTOR 1, Bioware deciding to let the player mentally insert his or her own voice into the game to increase the immersion factor. A simple solution to that is to use the pair of voices that did those few words in KOTOR 1 to supply full dialogue in KOTOR 2. A second and bigger problem is what to do about Revan's face. Players in KOTOR 1 had about a dozen different faces to choose from for each gender and unless the Exile is asked to pick Revan out of a lineup of pictures, it's hard to see how Revan's face would be displayed in a potential encounter. Again, the simply solution is that since Darth Revan wore a mask, this Revan should as well, but that brings up the question as to why Revan would go back to wearing one if he/she became a Jedi again after KOTOR 1. However, the latest issue of the UK's OXM gaming magazine states that all the crew from the Ebon Hawk save T3 have been "slaughtered" in the time between KOTOR 1 and its sequel. Additionally, a throwaway line from LucasArts producer Mike Gallo suggests that there still will be cameos from beyond the grave, likely in the form of Force spirits. If anyone is capable of that, it would be Revan, assuming the "slaughtered" line included him/her.


Carth Onasi - Since the Exile and his party will be traveling to Carth's home planet of Telos, it is possible that he will return in KOTOR 2. Since the female Revan had the option of killing Carth after she fell to the darkside, if the Exile tells Atton that Revan was a female who resumed the mantle of Dark Lord, the game will change so that Carth doesn't make a cameo. But, according to the OXM magazine, he along with everyone else from the Hawk are dead no matter what. Assuming that the magazine is accurate and its line about ghostly guest appearances are true, the likelihood of Carth making an appearance are next to nil. Also, there is a chance that Carth's son Dustil will make an appearance, either with him or as an alternative to him depending on how the Exile answers Atton. However, just as Carth could have been killed in KOTOR 1, Dustil could have either remained with the Sith or been killed in the battle to escape Korriban, if Revan failed to turn Yuthura Ban to his/her side and if Revan didn't give Dustil evidence that his friend had been killed by Master Uthar.


Bastila Shan - Given the important role she played in KOTOR 1, it is understandable that many fans want to see her return or learn her ultimate fate, but the devs been silent on that. Like Carth, if there is to be a potential cameo by Bastila in KOTOR 2, actually running in to her depends once again on the conversation between the Exile and Atton Rand on Peragus Station. A male Jedi Revan had the option of either killing Bastila on the Star Forge or using their mutual love to draw her back to the light side. A female Jedi Revan only, as far as this author knows, has the option of killing Bastila. Both male and female Darth Revans have the option of making her their Sith apprentice or killing her. Any potential return by her is clouded by the option of the male Jedi to either kill her or not, so unless Atton's questions get that specific into what happend during KOTOR 1, the devs will likely have to impose a fate on her if the Exile selects a male Jedi as his/her answer. Where the Exile could find her is anybody's guess. But, if OXM can be believed, she's dead even if you select the light side ending. Since she was either a powerful Jedi or a Sith apprentice, there's a good chance of her appearing as a Force ghost. However, if the latest spoilers can be believed, there is a chance that Bastila could be back as something more substantial than a ghost.


Mission Vao - Again, like Carth and Bastila, her cameo, if there is to be one, depends on the end of KOTOR 1. Dark side Revans have the option of ordering her trusted companion Zaalbar to execute her or kill her himself/herself. Given her background, she might be found on Nar Shadaa if she is to be found at all. However, since OXM says that all the original party members are dead, then speculating on her fate now is moot.


Zaalbar - This character probably has the most problematic chance of returning to KOTOR 2. In the first game, Revan had many options on what to do with the Wookie endebted to him/her. On Kashyyk, Revan could have sided with his brother Chuundar and leave Zaalbar behind as a prisoner. Of course, the dark side Revan could have forced Zaalbar to execute Mission on the beach of the Rakatan planet. If, after that Revan decided to bring Zaalbar aboard the Star Forge, the Wookie turned on Revan and needed to be killed. So, Zaalbar's return is questionable, but if he is back, it is likely that he would be found in the company of Mission, assuming that she's alive as well. If OXM is to be believed, though, Zaalbar is dead anyway.


Jolee Bindo - The cantankerous former Jedi was already old in KOTOR 1, but that doesn't preclude the chance of him living to the time of KOTOR 2, assuming he survived the rise of Darth Nihilis and Darth Sion. If the Exile stated that Revan returned to the dark side, then Jolee is dead. Given the glut of new Jedi, it is doubtful that Jolee will return in any capacity. As mentioned before, OXM magazine indicates that everyone from the original KOTOR crew is dead even in the light side ending. Since Jolee's a Jedi, he could come back as a Force ghost like a crankier Obi-Wan Kenobi.


Juhani - Out of all the characters of KOTOR 1, her return is the least likeliest, if only because it is possible for Revan to kill and be done with her at their very first meeting on Dantooine. Since that was a possibility, her role in the core events of KOTOR 1 was kept at a minimum by Bioware. Since OXM has reported that the original crew is dead, her chances of coming back have evaporated completely, even though there might be Force ghost cameos


Canderous Ordo - Aside from the droids, the Mandalorian mercenary was the only one to get through the entire saga of KOTOR 1 without the possibility of dying, making a return in the sequel technically possible. It has been suggested that Canderous is Mandalore, likely assuming the title in between the two games. However, (you knew there was one of those coming, didn't you?), it has been stated by the devs at Obsidian that depending on the alignment of Revan and the Exile, some characters won't join the party or possibly not appear at all. Add to that the fact that Canderous stated that he was getting tired of killing after defeating Jaggi and it's possible that if Canderous is Mandalore, he won't appear if either Revan or the Exile are on the path of the Jedi. OXM magazine has stated that all the original characters are dead, so even though he managed to squeak through KOTOR alive, the transition between the two games may have caught up with Canderous.


Vandar Tokare - The Yoda-like Jedi Master was the only known member of the Jedi Council to survive Darth Malak's bombardment of Dantooine, however, he died at the Star Forge if Revan fell to the dark side. Although Darth Nihilis and Darth Sion have been exterminating Jedi ever since Revan's dissappearance, it is possible that Vandar went into hiding much like the diminuitive Jedi he was patterned after. Whether or not he appears in KOTOR 2 is a toss-up.


Admiral Dodonna - The head of the Republic fleet at the battle at the Star Forge only lived if Revan continued to be a Jedi. While the new Sith have almost wiped out the Jedi, the Republic remains in power. There's a chance of the admiral reappearing again, but that's up to the devs.


Yuthura Ban - Master Uthar's number two at the Sith Academy, it was possible for her to be spared by Revan, even turned away from the dark side. Fans have been wanting a cameo of her since KOTOR 2 was first announced, however her fate in KOTOR 1 is not dependent on Revan's gender or alignment, the only two known variables that Atton poses to the Exile at Peragus. If she is to return, she could either be found at Dantooine or Korriban, since if Revan spared her life, those were the only two places that she could be found.



Uncertain characters in KOTOR 2:



The bald guy in the background - Seen in a few screenshots in KOTOR 2 centered on Onderon, he appears to be fighting alongside the Exile, although whether or not he is a party member or just an ally is unknown. His garb suggests that he is part of the queen's forces, perhaps similar to the prequel trilogy's Captains Panaka and Typho. According to the devs, there are twelve total party members, however only a number of them will be able to join the Exile depending on his/her alignment. As of now, there appears to be only ten party members, assuming that Visas and the handmaiden are seperate characters and that the HK droid can join you, so either the total number is too high, some other character already revealed could join you, or there are two more that have yet to be revealed in any capacity.


Sith Soldier - Seen in the early screenshots, a Sith trooper was seen fighting alongside the Exile, and it was rumored that if the player started down the dark path, he/she could draft a Sith soldier into their service. However, those shots date back to before the new art assets were loaded into the game by Obsidian and it is likely that this trooper was a placeholder for Mandalore. Indeed, over time it appeared that this person's armor slowly morphed into something similar to what Mandalore was wearing. However, since there is reportedly 12 total party members, it is possible that a Sith soldier could join a fallen Exile.


Mandalorian - Several screen shots have shown Mandalorian warriors in their KOTOR 1 garb fighting alongside the Exile. Now, this could mean several things. One, that this was before Madalore's armor was finalized and was just a placeholder. Two, Mandalorian armor, like before, can be equipped by party members and this is just one of the above characters clad in a set. Three, these are just Mandalorians that are fighting alongside the party as allies. Finally, if there are more party members waiting to be revealed, it is possible if unlikely that a Mandalorian grunt could join the party, likely following Mandalore's lead.


Wookie - There have been reports of a Wookie being another potential party member. Whether this is a new character or Zaalbar is unknown, but reasons have been stated why Zaalbar returning is problematic from a technical point of view.


Sith Lord #3 - Finally, for a long time, there have been rumors of a third Sith Lord other than Darth Nihilis and Darth Sion. Over the past few months, speculation has raged over the identity of this person, ranging from Revan to Visas Marr to even the Exile. However, there was one possibility that was half-joked about during that time, but only recently was given a bit more credibility. Theories that none other than Bastila Shan was a Sith lord were given a shot in the arm when OXM revealed that the third Sith Lord was female, clad head to toe in a red robe with a black shawl around her face, totally obscuring her identity. OXM added the tantilizing hint "We didn't know whether we wanted to kill her or kiss her," bringing to mind Bastila's two possible fates in KOTOR. However, other than OXM (whose credibility on certain details has been questioned by fans), there have been no other reports on the identity of this person, however, she may not be the last Sith lord to be seen in the game.





That represents the total sum of what is known about characters and potential characters in KOTOR 2. Naturally, we will learn more as more information is revealed on the website. And of course when the game ships in December for the X-Box.












source where I got it from:



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I didn't read the spoilers, but i think that forum needs a spoiler forum from this now on.

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"I dream things that never were and say why not?"
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yeah haha I just read it...its all the rumors and hopeful type things we've been posting on these forums....not much that is new....



all I know is I'm gonna hit on every lady in my party this time...cuz now there isnt any nasty cathars to be ashamed of...loh wait KREAI!!!!!! I TAKE THAT BACK!!! NOOOOOOOOO-I didnt mean to...I forgot about her.....damnit...!

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The comment about the Crew of the Hawk could mean the crew that had the ship at the start of Sith Lords and not the crew from Knights. There's a screen of Kreia laying down in what seems to be the Hawk with the caption that The crew of the Hawk are all dead or dieing. Which is what that could be talking about seeing how Kreia was not a member of the original crew.

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The comment about the Crew of the Hawk could mean the crew that had the ship at the start of Sith Lords and not the crew from Knights. There's a screen of Kreia laying down in what seems to be the Hawk with the caption that The crew of the Hawk are all dead or dieing. Which is what that could be talking about seeing how Kreia was not a member of the original crew.


We can only hope, because if all the characters have been killed then what a huge waste.

KOTOR 2 must be completed

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The comment about the Crew of the Hawk could mean the crew that had the ship at the start of Sith Lords and not the crew from Knights. There's a screen of Kreia laying down in what seems to be the Hawk with the caption that The crew of the Hawk are all dead or dieing. Which is what that could be talking about seeing how Kreia was not a member of the original crew.


This something that I've thought about quite a bit. When it says that "the crew it dead or dying", I always thought it was refering to the "new" crew, not the KOTOR crew.


Here's why: Atton asks you questions about how Revan finished the first game. This, I believe, not only affects the story, but I think is primarly to establish what characters could be alive for cameos/joining your party. But Atton asks you these questions after the opening with the Hawk's dead crew. So I think the dead crew would be a new crew.

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Not really any spoilers in it - the only fact I'm surprised is OXM's claims that none of the characters return. <_<


But thanks, Bastila for posting it :thumbsup:


Btw, you could've convinced Bastila to return to the Light even if you were LS female.

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no problems...i knew most of the people would know most of this...but still it posts a lot of details and discriptions...details are spoilers though....its better that i did warn for spoilers in case some one was spoiled so I did the right thing and warned people in case

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Hmm if its from OXM it seems like they've spent alot of time on these forums! :thumbsup: (or alot of people from here read OXM?) its spoilerish for someone who doesn't know anything about the game .. But if you've read every/alot of posts here for a month or so, then nothing new!

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