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What bonus would you pick?

What bonus would you choose for your PC?  

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  1. 1. What bonus would you choose for your PC?

    • 40 extra force points
    • 2 Free force powers
    • Learn force powers 2 levels sooner (ex. force storm lv. 16.)
    • +3 to saving throws related to force powers
    • Force Speed lasts 10 seconds longer
    • Start out with Force pesuade
    • Lightsaber making skills improved
    • Neutral powers cost 2 force points less
    • Immune to Stun
    • Other, please explain

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In KOTOR your PC was given a gift of 40 extra force points. It said that all padawans react differently to training and get a bonus depending on what they are good at. In TSL if you are given a choice on what your gift is, what would you pick?


I think I'm going Lightsaber making skills improved. It would help out my Guadian without needing the skills of a Sentinal.

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Since it's going to be one of the big quests of the game to recover your own saber, it seems pretty pointless to be good at building sabers. I'd probably go for the 40 extra force points, those really made a difference back in K1.

- When he is best, he is a little worse than a man, and when he is worst, he is little better than a beast.

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Had to go with 2 free force powers. yep


agree, if it were more than 40point i might think different, but most master powers cost around 10points, so they be gone in like 3-4attacks.


So id rather have a larger combat storage, if you got 80-100points extra id pick points but 40 points to little to actually notice benifit.


Beside giving to many force point would place you closer to messiah, since force points are large concentration of meticlorians, and this was one of the things that made anakin skywalker step out, that he had one of the largest concentration of it.


Think it would be wrong to make to many messiah characters, it would destroy uniqueness of special history characters.

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The 40 extra force points was to make up for becoming jedi at level 8 (unless you saved levels). I don't think it's necessary in the sequel since we're jedi from the beginning. I thus think two extra force powers would be nice. If not at level one then maybe like one at 5 and the other at 10.

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