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My source is a Star Wars book, kinda like a facts and myths book called Star Wars- Fact's, Myths, and Legends.. They don't make them anymore, although they still might have some around, you can ask your local bookstore, Waldens or Bookland perhaps and they might have some info for you, but it has like 20 pages of names of races a picture of each race and characteristics and place of origin.

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Actually Yoda's race does have a name and it has been revealed.. He is a Gherkin, that is the actual name for his kind, so don't try to argue about it.. Expecially if you don't know what your talking about..


I do know what I'm talking about, especially when I'm telling you you're wrong. Yoda's species is unknown and that is confirmed in his profile on the official site. There is no such thing as a Gherkin, I looked everywhere on the official site, the unofficial encyclopedia and even on google and I found nothing called gherkin that was related to gherkin, the closest that I got was Ghent.

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I always assumed that Dooku or Palpatine ordered the clones.

The Sifo dude did, but Tyranus decided on who the clones is the Bounty Hunter game is correct. And I believe Tyranus was an alias of Count Dooku, or at least in the game Tyranus looked a hell of a like Dooku. And I think Palpatine might have had something to do with order( convinced sifo to make the orders ). But I might be wrong I'm just saying what I think.

Evolutionary Development

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