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  1. Same here and my influence isn't exactly raising. But it is of no matter, Visas said she loved me and we looked upon each other.
  2. Yea that didn't work how do I raise my influence with her I've done about all the dialogue options.
  3. I got the game 2 days ago. :D Handmaiden was nice and I tried to raise some influence with her but then Visas just walked in my ship and tried to kill me, well she's just....I have this thing with evil chicks...
  4. Whoa that would've sucked well I ran out of patience so I played the entire academy again from a previous save and everything was fine.
  5. They pwned me very hard I only beat one of them down. But I used nothing but my fists.
  6. Just been to the Atris academy. So I board the Hawk, then it goes to a cutscene with Atris saying the Handmaiden is on the Ebon Hawk and she cannot be trusted anymore. So then it loads again but all I get is a black screen I can access my menu and the map says I'm on the Ebon Hawk but I don't see a thing and nothing happens. What should I do?
  7. No one knows what her eyes look like that's never been confirmed I think they just look like normal eyes.
  8. Without clothes? Does that mean certain body parts are censored?
  9. People here still believe supershadow...that's it i'm leaving.
  10. Both are equally important and one cannot be in the game without the other.
  11. How would you know that? Did you ever see them fight each other? Do you read Episode III spoilers? Do you read any SW books or comics?
  12. Luke Skywalker. he brought a Dark Lord back to the light, let him destroy his master. For that alone he is the greatest of the jedi. he always stayed true to the ideals.
  13. KOTOR is EU. So are all the other games. Only the movies are canon.
  14. Only 1 month left for this game.... tell me more.
  15. Don't make me moan the kissing scene was blacked out.
  16. He was only an apprentice of Kun. There is no way he could be the best. He's one of the greatest jedi though IMO. I keep forgetting. Marka Ragnos is prolly the only Sith Lord so far who was never defeated. He had to die a natural death to be defeated.
  17. Yes he is right. You people have no idea what Palpatine can do.
  18. You have no idea what Kun can do. He paralyzed the entire senate without any effort. He was brilliant.
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