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KotOR's charecters: Where are they now?

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Believed to be dead/disappeared?


I heard someone say somewhere that Revan disappeared a year after the events of KotOR, but I don't know if it was official. The paragraph that follows assumes it wasn't official, and that Revan is believed dead like the rest of the Jedi.


Unfortunately, I believe Revan may really be dead. Annoying, but I think it is very likely true. Because Revan was YOU in KotOR, and thus had no real voice work and tons of different appearances, the problems of picking a suitable appearance/voice for him in KotOR:II would make having Revan in the game a hassle. And since he's not likely to be one of the main charecters, at least early on(he'd be too powerful), Obsidian may not consider the hassle worth it. I hope I'm wrong.


I heard in an interview with someone, i think it was Mike Gallo, that he promised that Revan would return. :(

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Would LS Revan wear a mask? Of course s/he could have fallen again.


The skull masked Sith in the concept art could be Revan, hence androgenous appearence (Reven's original mask was destroyed by the jedi council).


T3 (we know) and HK-47 will probably rejoin the party. it is easy to justify knocking their levels back down as droids can be memory wiped. (also the droids are the only characters to appear in all movies).


Canderous will be back as he was the only other immortal character in KotOR. Note that he should be 20th level though.


The other characters may make cameo apperences depending on how you answer questions at the begining.

Everyone knows Science Fiction is really cool. You know what PoE really needs? Spaceships! There isn't any game that wouldn't be improved by a space combat minigame. Adding one to PoE would send sales skyrocketing, and ensure the game was remembered for all time!!!!!

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DS Mashing puppies and kittens with a hammer somewhere holed up in the star forge.

LS Manager of a quiki-mart. Given up life of a Jedi to settle down.



DS Selling crack after divorcing DS Revan.

LS Dead, after hold up at Revan-owned quiki-mart goes south.



DS Dead (First thing DS Revan did after credits rolled in KoTOR I was to go back and finish that whiney s.o.b. off.)

LS Dead (First thing Revan did after credits rolled in KoTOR I was to "accidently" energize his lightsaber while waving at the crowd. Carth = wrong place + wrong time.)



DS Scavenging the Republic dumps looking for his basilisk droid (Think Linus looking for his blanket).

LS Professor emeritus, political science, Telos Community College.



DS Turning tricks around the outer rim (Oh.come on...it's just a silly poll-type thing...)

LS Travelling with the circus hoping to find her brother. Making money with clever contortion-girl scam.



DS Neutered

LS Neutered



DS Programming went crazy, now roaming the galaxy in search of things to sit on.

LS Sold for scrap. Parts turn up 4,000 years later on Dantooine. Becomes the deadliest vaporator ever built.



DS Scrapped. No sissy droids allowed.

LS Made into a cute lunch cart.



DS Suffering from alzheimer's, wanders the galaxy in search of...in search of...uhhh....that..thing.....

LS Writing letters to his Senator about the state of Social Security.



DS Converted into a true dark side character: Now starring in super villain movies.

LS Spayed, put on display at the Coruscant county zoo.


That guy who walks around the academy, aimlessly, whose only response to you ever is "I don't have time to talk to you...."

DS: Your new character in KoTOR II

LS: Your new character in KoTOR II

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Gluuupor- He is not to bright so he is in a dark room


Mekel- With Mira having ...fun....


HK-47- killing meatbags


Eban Hawk- Some ware far from Revan


Lou the Rakantian- The first Rakantin Jedi


Malak- Dead


Vandar- Billions apon Billions of subatomic atoms!!!

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For Twitch I imagine more a war filled heaven where he can shoot, maim, kill.


As for Calo, that was story scripted. No way he could have survived otherwise.

And I find it kind of funny

I find it kind of sad

The dreams in which I'm dying

Are the best I've ever had

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