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Yoda-Like species

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Everyone loves these guys. Though IMO vandar sucked... So I want to see a good Yodalike person worthy of the race. And the BIGGEST thing I want to see is:


A fight with the yodaliked00d against someone else


I think everyone can agree in EpII that that was one of the best if not the very best fights in SW history.


I loved seeing the little dude jump around with his short ligthsaber.


It would also be cool to be able to recruit on the of the guys in your party. Even if for a limited time


Please consider this, devs...

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Becoming a Jedi involves a level of self-conflict.


It is natural for humans (or whatever species you are) to experience emotion. Yet, for a true Jedi, there is no emotion. There is only peace. You are supposed to let go of these feelings that seem to true to you. Yet, if you do as such, are you really living? What is the point?


Imagine that the Force is like an ocean. You step into it, and immerse yourself in it's unimaginable power. One wave can crush you, and that is but one wave in the gigantic ocean. Yet, you as a Jedi place your hand in the path of said wave and redirect it. A Jedi moves and reshapes the Force to achieve a desired affect.


Judging from the original trilogy, it would seem Jedi Masters (Obi-Wan in his old age and Yoda) prefer meditation, and simple lives over dipping into that vast power. Surely, they could become gods with their mastery of the Force. Instead, they choose to find their place within the Force and avoid making waves themselves.


There is self-conflict in deciding to use the powers in what you believe are honorable efforts, or to see balance and harmony. The Force also guides you. The Force can give you hints of what is to come, as it seeks to create balance. Should you question these visions and seek to change Fate? Should you let the Force make decisions for you?


All of these things are part of a quest of self-mastery.

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I think everyone can agree in EpII that that was one of the best if not the very best fights in SW history.

I thought the fight looked goofy and out of place. Considering everyone in the theater was laughing at it when it happened I think pretty much says it all.


Darth Maul's fight was the best IMO, but Luke had two good one's with Vader that seemed more emotional than any of the new trilogy's fights.

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Mace makes alot of decisions, alot more then Yoda. When Yoda was talking about Jedi being arrogant he was referring to Mace.

How the heck can you read that into it?


Yoda and Mace were virtual peers as far as I can tell. They discussed things all the time in the first two movies.


Yoda wasn't referring to Mace, but all the Jedi.

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