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The Ebon Hawk

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And flaming penguins!

That was the only cool part about Deus Ex: The Craptastic War.



How about a 'Ludicrous Speed' setting on the speedometer on the Ebon Hawk.



P.S. Since I came in late, I just thought I'd add that Chris Avellone perpetuated the whole 'Atton is gay' rumor when he said he had Alien STDs and only he was allowed to have a pink lightsaber. :p

I've been here long enough to know that...but that wasn't what we were discussing...starting now... :huh: ...Cheech and Chong NPCs...or they could stay on the ship... ;)

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I did a debate resolution on gay marriages back in high school. I found this study that showed that most people who object to homosexuality actually object to deviant forms of intercourse (oral/anal). And since oral sex is generally more acceptable, Lesbians are more acceptable.


I don't know if there is any truth to that, but I found it interesting.

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I think Evizzle is bothered more by how some men show reprehension, not just disgust (for their lifestyle), towards gays, and how that reprehension seems totally based on that disgust more often than not - as shown by their contrasting like for girl on girl.


In other words, it's not just the disgust for lifestyle that's hypocritical...


Ah yes, and the Ebon Hawk definitely needs a portable River Dance group to match with the disco room. variety, you know... we want to appeal to different sorts of customers.

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Guest Fallen Jedi

I would the Hawk to the have somekinda secret compartment where the PC could find Revan's datapad or something that would tell what happened to him...


Or I would like the Hawk to have Twi' strippers... :(

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