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The Ebon Hawk

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they could have a semi kitchen installed in the cargo bay, it would make sense, I don't like davik would have realy enjoyed waiting out patrols/ sith ships for hours/days without any decent prepared food. A bathroom could be installed in that semi empty hallway that leads to the empty crew quarters

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And flaming penguins!

That was the only cool part about Deus Ex: The Craptastic War.



How about a 'Ludicrous Speed' setting on the speedometer on the Ebon Hawk.



P.S. Since I came in late, I just thought I'd add that Chris Avellone perpetuated the whole 'Atton is gay' rumor when he said he had Alien STDs and only he was allowed to have a pink lightsaber. :p

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HK goes from assassination droid with fully working legs/arms to be "upgraded" by little anakin solo in ep1 to have no arm movement, and walks like he's got the falcon up his butt.


I also cant imagine c3po saying "meatbags".


You forgot the big gold statue of Revan in the middle of the ship, burning candles and all that. Maybe a nice one would be finding carth's body in a very small container?

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