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force powers

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I think that system works okay. There would be a better explanation in the rules than "the character is experienced and thus is able to take more damage" as to why they can avoid being cut in half by the saber when they are hit by it.

I think the way it is supposed to be looked at is a character with a lot of hit points isn't stronger per se, but a similar attack does less damage (as a percentage) because s/he would make sure that nothing vital gets hit.

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Never really played a PnP game before.


Some friends tried to get me to play a D&D game once. Although I got crappy dice rolls for my character so he sucked. The thief in our group kept trying to pick our pockets (actually anyone's pockets). And our group of level 1 characters ran into some wolves and I died....which sucked.


Shortly afterwards the game dissolved and we played some GoldenEye on the N64

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Okay, KOTOR time period it is. What concepts are people thinking about. How many Jedi vs Non-Jedi am I going to have? I need to start forumlating campaign ideas.

I guess my answer depends on the rest of the party.


But if 2 or more people use non-Jedi, then so will I. If the entire party wants to be Jedi then so will I.

"Console exclusive is such a harsh word." - Darque

"Console exclusive is two words Darque." - Nartwak (in response to Darque's observation)

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Haven't thought of a name yet, but heres my concept.


Race : Rodian

Size : 1.5m

Age : Young, not sure exactly how old Rodians get to.








Lightsaber - +1D = 5D

Dodge +1D = 5D

Blaster +1D = 5D

Languages - +1D = 6D

Con - +1D = 5D

Persuasion +1D = 5D

Droid Repair - +1D = 4D

Blaster Repair - +1D = 4D

Space Transports Repair +1D = 4D


Specialises in Hold out Blasters +1D = 6D

Specialises in Droid Repair, Astromech droids +1D = 5D

Specialises in Blaster Repair, Blaster pistols +1D = 4D


An unwanted child, he was dumped on a medium sized trading space station near Rodia. The inhabitants of the space station, generally merchants and smugglers, took care of him, though they treated him more like a pet for their amusement when he was young. As he grew up, he managed to survive working as a repairman for the clients who stopped by, and gained some skill at repairing the transportsand astromech droids commonly used, as well as weapons used by the "less official" clientel. He developed a knack for avoiding trouble, but always felt that he'd scape one day, fantasising about stealing a ship and exploring the galaxy.


He got his chance, when one day a merchant stopped by in a Ghtroc Freighter, and left it guarded only by a droid. He convinced the merchant to let him modify the droid to increase its performance, but when he was alone he deactivated it and got on the ship.


The plan wasn't as brilliant as he'd hoped, and it turned out the "merchant" was a Jedi. The jedi sensed that something was going on, and had re-entered the ship while the droid was being deactivated. He could tell the young Rodian had some force sensitivity though, and offered to train him.


Thats my character concept so far. If we have too many Jedi and we need someone non force sensitive, I could modify my character to have never met his master and simply stolen some random ship. Also, since I'm not too sure how selecting Force Powers work, I left that out for now. This character will primarily have skills in sense, with very minor abilities in control and alter.

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I'm already focusing predominantly on sense. It would be hard to change, because my character concept is pretty dependent on that. He's a knowledge- seeker, and a pilot/explorer. I suppose we could have two sensor's and change that later, though - it just might make party balance off at first. If sense isn't a part of your character or what you really wanted to do, you might consider taking something else.

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I am just going to give the Jedi characters 5 dice to split up amongst the three Force Powers. I will compensate the non-Jedi in other ways. Not to mention that Jedi get a lot more shit thrown their way in terms of challenge and difficulty.

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Where did you get, "frungy" from? Is there somewhere that has a list of wierd skills like that? or something that would inspire the creation of such a skill?

Its a throw-away reference from Star Control 2. One of the aliens you meet is big into a sport called Frungy("The Sport Of Kings") I thought I'd borrow it. Basically, just make something up.

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"Prosthetic Design:


Advanced Skill: requires 5D or more in Prosthetic Repair to acquire."


What does this mean? If we have 3d technical, we add 2d to the skill "prosthetic repair", do I have the option of picking this skill?


Oh, and I see that the lightsaber skill can be used in place of melee parry. Can it be used in addition to melee parry, if we have that skill as well? Or is there really no point in actually putting anything more than a pip in melee parry in case I ever get stuck without a lightsaber?

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Melee Parry merely covers Vibroswords and the like. Lightsaber is unique in that it does not have a seperate parry skill. You use the one skill for offensive and parry rolls. Don't ask me why.


And you are correct that you would need to add 2D to Prosthetic Repair before you could buy Prosthetic Design. There are very few Advanced Skills, but they require a prerequsite before you can buy them, and they cost double what skills do.


Another example would be Medicine, with First Aid being the prerequsite. You can specialize in Surgery.


And I like Frungy as your "s***" skill. Go ahead and put 1D in it, thusly you'd have 5D in Frungy.

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You mentioned before that having just a pip in a skill is better than trying to use that skill without any training; you can't handle a blaster very well when you've never handled one in your life. But...


I put a pip into gambling, investigation, and search, and my perception is only two. What I want to know is: are the pips going to make a difference in these skills, or are these skills that function on the base level just fine without penalties or additional difficulty?

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