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  1. I think you got the spelling right the first time. I'd like this to be put in... Done similarly to Planescape, where you get a pic and short bio on all the NPC's/Enemies/Animals/etc you've met so far.
  2. This is a pet peeve of mine. Hard work? You were playing a game. More than likely, because you enjoyed it. You sat down and clicked on things or pressed buttons on a controller for a while. Playing games are -not- hard work.
  3. Ooh, I've got an idea. Saber-whip-staff-blasters! They're like a saberwhip, only with whips coming out 2 ends, and when you twirl them around, they shoot blaster bolts! Time to make a poll!
  4. But you do spend time reading threads and making comments about a post thats discussing what happens in a trailer for a soon to be released game?
  5. To be honest, I hope none of your ideas are implemented. KOTOR 2 is a singleplayer game and none of those features will make it better.
  6. Whos going to play Pazaak over Xbox live? Its basically a slightly more complicated version of Blackjack.
  7. I'd like it if you were the apprentice for some part of the game, then get the opportunity to take on your own apprentice. And then, later on, kill them both.
  8. No she could not. You either killed when u first met her or in the Rakatan temple! Faith! Not true. You can make her good again, but she may not join you. Spoilers.... Yep, but if you go for the DS ending you end up killing her and Jolee on the Rakatan temple after joining Bastila. She can't survive a DS ending.
  9. Both are important, but I'll probably end up finishing a game with crappy gameplay and a good story just to complete the story, while a game with only gameplay I'll get bored off before the end.
  10. I read it as a "g" at first too. I thought its kind of odd question...
  11. Faqs for KOTOR1? Try www.gamefaqs.com, they usually have some.
  12. I think there was 1 or 2 "smuggling" missions in KOTOR 1, but they weren't really smuggling, since no-one examined your cargo or attempted to stop you from transporting it. Its more a "transporting" misison.
  13. Now all I need are claws and the ability to heal instantly. And a yellow spandex suit.
  14. Bah, Batman kicked Supermans ass plenty of times
  15. no, but the fact that batman has always been depicted as a big guy DOES mean he should be a big guy. Not really. He had muscles but is not always drawn as a big guy. And muscles can easily be developed in preperation for his role (See Will Smith as Ali).
  16. You think so? Looking at my Year One book I don't think he looks like him at all. Still, hes a pretty good actor so I'm not too worried about his looks. Batman has so many different looks from so many artists.
  17. Batman is an excellent hand to hand fighter, but that doesn't necesarily mean he has to be a big guy. His speed, cunning, and intelligence I think are more important to the character than his strength.
  18. What could you see from the Trailer Hades? All we find out is that theres combat, npcs who join your party, and a very tiny snippet of the story, and graphics are similar to the first. Nothing in detail about anything, so we can't tell if its the same gameplay or not. Weren't you not buying this anyway? Because it forced you to be a Jedi?
  19. The trailer looks good. I hope the movie remains a dark story...
  20. You're assuming there'll be a box. They might forget and just tie the manual together with the CDs. But Paladins right, voice and music are very important aspects of the game. Bad voice acting can really ruin the immersion.I don't think they'll have a problem with either, since they should have enough of a budget to get some good voice actors (Good, not necesarily famous).
  21. Ok... What were we speculating about again? The trailer. Right... So.... Hmm... Those lightsabers are pretty cool eh?
  22. I'd like that, but it won't be done for the KOTOR series.
  23. Ok... What were we speculating about again?
  24. Well, he still could be. I mean, all that time alone in the spaceship with Chewie... Wouldn't Chewbacca crush Han?!? On second thought, I don't even want to think about it. :ph34r: Actually, on second thought, would that make Han gay? Chewie's a different species... so it'd be something else The point is there both MALE. It doesn't really matter about species. For example, Female Revan and Juhani. I'm not convinced. Maybe George Lucas can clear up whether hes gay or has a bestiality fetish <_< George won't let homosexuals be in the game. Simple as that. That settles it. From the process of elimantion, its gotta be bestiality then. I'll inform the SW fansites
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