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There are some weapons with one or two lashes that concern Deep Wounds :

  • Kitchen Stove (everything and nothing) +5% as Slash, +5% as Crush
  • Xefa's Empirical Explication (Innexplicable Mass) +15% as Crush, or (Jagged Load) +15% as Slash

  • Aamiina's Legacy (Massuk Arrows) +15% as Crush and (Drake's Legacy) +15% as Slash

  • WotEP (Heavy Blade) +15% as Crush

Deep Wound trigger on any weapon Pierce, Slash and Crush damages, so an arrow from Aamiina's Legacy trigger 3 Deep Wounds. For illustrate :


After one full-attack with two Kitchen Stoves, 24 Deep Wounds, giving in this case (no affliction) 24*1 damages per 3s, that mean +2 Kitchen Stove attacks. 

Aamiina's Legacy (+15%) with the Drake enchantment (+15%) and some other lashes can be very powerful by the way :

A Rogue- Monk with Lightning Strike (+15%), Turning Wheel (+20%), Aefyllath chant (+15%) and on top Recall Agony (+25% but of the attack+the lashes) give more damages with lashes than with the attack itself, with on bonuses 3 Deep Wounds per attack.

(If the Aamiina's Legacy give 40 damages : 40+40*0.15*4+40*0.2 (Lashes)= 72 ; 72+72*0.25(Recall Agony) = 90 ; 90+1.2+1.2+8 (Deep Wounds)= 100.4, that mean +150% damage.)

A Rogue-Wizard with WotEP (+15%) and Zandethus' Draconic Fury (+15% and +15%), Aefyllath chant (+15%) and Recall Agony give also a lot of damage and the Slash Lash that miss to WotEP , so 3 Deep Wounds per attack also.

The Deep Wounds from the Lash give 20% damage over time of the lash, of course.


The Baby Boar pet give a +5% Slash lash with melee weapons (and 20%chance to interrupt on hit with melee weapons),  to get 2 Deep Wounds with any melee weapon. of course, that represent not much, but turn the +15% Slash from Zandethus 's Draconic Fury into +20% Slash. 

Hylea's Talon give also +5% Slash to melee weapons.


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1 hour ago, NotDumbEnough said:

I guess the point is that you're getting a lash for your lash, making Deep Wounds a bit better than just a normal lash effect.

I also think that's the main point. Elemental/raw lashes don't trigger any additional Deep Wounds.

Also maybe an advatantage of multiple small DoTs compared to singular big ones is related to the Reaping Knives "trick"? Where every tick of a DoT that the wielder of the knives inflicts would generate 5 focus for the summoner of the knives - no matter how little dmg each tick does. Lots of parallel DoTs = lots of 5-focus-ticks. 

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2 hours ago, NotDumbEnough said:

I guess the point is that you're getting a lash for your lash, making Deep Wounds a bit better than just a normal lash effect.

I think the wounds take in account all the lashes, the only difference is the physical ones generate separate wounds.

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DeepWounds only take into the account the Pierce or Slash or Crush damages done, but the poor damage that provoc (20% of 5% of total damage calculated without lash) is arroundish so the wounds have not decimale. Because of that, a simple attack from Kitchen Stove (everything and nothing) give 12 Depwounds :


When the Deepwounds's duration is over, that proc all DW in the same time (instead of 1 tick>1 damage), in this case 10 +2 (from previous tick). Without Everything and Nothing, at maximum 4+2. Rapported to the initial damage of the attack, it is not 20% damage over time but more like 50% (I attacked for 24 initial damages).


It is not really relevant with Drake's Legacy DW but this weapon give more damages, so and the 5% and the 20% of 5% can increase the DPS.


And yes, it is cool when paired with Reaping Knives, but the topic is more about Rogue DPS !

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3 hours ago, Elric Galad said:

Are you sure the rounding up isn't just a display thing ? Displaying 0 damages done would be too weird, but I was under the impression that decimals are correctly taken into account for damages done.

Oh maybe it is only a display thing you are right! So 0.4 damage is displayed as 0 but is still 0.4, in this case Kitchen Stove seals also more than 20% of the initial pierce attack by DW by the way.

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