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I dislike being associated with Interplay. Please refrain from calling the company "hellish" in the future.


But they'll die alright, with no good projects on the horizon and but a half dozen experienced people left.

Its looking pretty bad for them. We'll see.

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I don't know, I think BGDA2 sold and is selling well. Though they've got no talent left there so even consolers who'll buy any old crap may steer clear of their future products. And why in gods name they want to hold on to the Fallout PC license is beyond me, I guess they're doing it out of spite.

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I don't know, I think BGDA2 sold and is selling well. Though they've got no talent left there so even consolers who'll buy any old crap may steer clear of their future products.

Yea, but the problem (besides for a FOBOS2) is they seem to be lacking other projects or having HUGE problems with the ones they do have.

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Same reason EA sat on the Wasteland and Bard's Tale licenses for a long time: idiocy.

There are no doors in Jefferson that are "special game locked" doors. There are no characters in that game that you can kill that will result in the game ending prematurely.

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EA aren't idiots, they make a lot of money. What they ARE is a load of hated money grabbing bastards who I would love to see all burnt to death. I despise EA and the way they have absolutely no respect for anything other than money. But I wouldn't call them idiots. **** does seem to be run by idiots, though, AS WELL as being bastards.

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Fallout 3 is a dead game. Let's not talk about it anymore. Talking about it only gives raise to false hopes and false promises. Let sleeping dogs lie, as they say and move on to whatever Obsidian Entertainment has in store.


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"It is more convenient to follow one's conscience than one's intelligence, for at every failure, conscience finds an excuse and an encouragement in itself. That is why there are so many conscientious and so few intelligent people." - Nietzsche

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Who owns the rights to wasteland?

EA, which licensed it out to Brian Fargo's inXile. And it's too bad, since he's going to make a crappy console shooter out of it.

Unless you are privy to information I have not seen, InXile didn't license the rights to Wasteland from EA. They got the trademark away from them because EA hadn't used it for years and you stand the chance to lose a trademark if you don't publish anything with it for a certain number of years like 15 years. The owner of Mortal Kombat (and I have no idea who that is) actually owned the Wasteland trademark last and were going to use it for a character but they never got around to using it so they gave it to InXile. InXile did the same with The Bard's Tale; got the trademark away from EA. I know you're assuming they would do Wasteland as a console shooter but Fargo said over at RPGCodex that whereas the Bard's Tale is going to be a console game Wasteland will be for the PC and be a RPG. Hopefully at least. That would be something if a new Wasteland game was a spiritual successor to Fallout. Come full circle.

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Hey, anything with the name Wasteland in it gets my hopes (and spirits) up! I've waited soooo long for someone to pick up that license and actually DO something with it.


I'd buy it even it it was Phantom exclusive.. :p

Swedes, go to: Spel2, for the latest game reviews in swedish!

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If done well it could be great. Unfortunately seeing how the Bards Tale license is being treated by Fargo, my hopes aren't raised. If Wasteland goes dual platform, that will essentially kill it.

In this thread http://www.rpgcodex.com/phpBB/viewtopic.ph...der=asc&start=0


the below was posted.



From: Brian Fargo

Date: Sat Sep 13, 2003 5:18 am

Subject: Re: [squeezins]Hello all


Yes we have acquired the rights to Wasteland but it

has not been officially announced. Due to the

trademark offices it became public knowledge which is

why I'm willing to discuss it at all. Although I would

like to have some candid (not public) conversations

with you guys on this forum so I can make it a better




From: Brian Fargo

Date: Tue Sep 16, 2003 6:16 am

Subject: Misc. questions


I've received numerous questions from different people

on this forum so I'll use this email to answer some of

these. I won't always get the chance to answer all

questions since I am managing a business and there are

too many questions to answer on an ongoing basis. But

I will continue to monitor this board to help heighten

my sensibilities.


Someone asked why I didn't consider Wasteland sooner:

I wanted to do Wasteland sooner but unfortunately EA

would not let the trademark go even though they had no

intention of using it themselves. But fortunately for

trademark law you cannot sit on trademarks

indefinitely without using them. So the mark expired

and then Konami grabbed it for their Yu-Gi-Oh series.

And fortunately again, the people at Konami were

friendly and decided they were not going to use the

mark so they let me get it back.


I'm still forming my thoughts on the new Wasteland but

you will be happy to know that it will be very much an

old school RPG that uses the skill systems, open ended

nature of design, and puts the player into a world

that is not black and white but shades of grey. This

Wasteland will be darker in nature in the first one...

the Rangers are pessimistic about humanity at this



And don't worry, there will be no compromise in the

single player experience to accomodate multi-player.

The single player experience is what makes for a

really rich world.


I have no ETA for the game yet... the design is just

kicking off.


Right now I'm enjoying playing the game over from

scratch making note of all the characters and

situations I want to see again.


I've read some really useful things out here from

people who have articulated as to why they loved WL so

much. I'm in alignment with 95% of what I've read.

Post apocalyptic material is my favorite, I love the

dark and bleak world to work with.


Thanks for all the input.....


Brian Fargo


It will be an old school RPG unless he goes back on this. Also note that he said what I said that because of trademark law EA couldn't sit on the name forever so Fargo was able to get it away from them. It's not licensed from EA. This and some others over at RPGCOdex are so far the only posts I have seen from Brian Fargo on Wasteland.

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Wow. Thank you, Iolo. That was easily the best post I've ever seen on these boards.


I trust Brian Fargo, even though most of you on these board don't seem to like him. Just remember, there's NO developer with a perfect record. Even geniuses have bad days. Except perhaps Peter Molyneaux..


Maybe I should give that RPGCodex a try?

Swedes, go to: Spel2, for the latest game reviews in swedish!

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This looks positive but I'm afraid if it's in development for console as well, a lot of the true 'RPG'ness WILL be compromised, as it always is to appeal to the 'mass market'.

Where did you get the notion that it would be dual platform? Iolo posted above:

Fargo said over at RPGCodex that whereas the Bard's Tale is going to be a console game Wasteland will be for the PC and be a RPG.
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For those of us who don't live and die by cRPG-related news, what exactly is being done to the new Wasteland to make it so horrible?


Wasteland? nothing yet. But Bard's Tale being anally raped into some kind of FPS-esque form.


Personally, I think something big is going to happen there in the not to distance future. After all, if they wanted to sell the company, now is the time. Their stock price is the highest it has been in awhile.


I've been waiting for this to happen for some time. BG:DA2 is an obvious succes, and I hear FO:BOS hasn't been doing terribly, though not great either, too (but I'm a bit unclear on this, anybody got any clear idea?) Obviously, Interplay's riding a high wave now, but Caen is about to get butt-f***ed like a monkey in the next stockholder's meeting (ewwww ;) ). And now with the stocks rising..would seem to me this is the ideal time for Caenie to flee the scene of the crime. Heck, he could even sell some licenses for an added bonus :D


i dont think any of the obsidian guys will talk about van buren.


They said as much, so no they will not


Fallout license is not being sold right now, and even if it was Feargus has stated earlier that without added support, they are unable to make such a big purchase right now. Assuming project X will be a SLAM DUNK (which it is looking to be), they might look at it again afterwards. I hope they do, at least.


But that's way, way in the future


And Mr Teatime: stop being such a worry-wart. And stop hating on console, yo! :D

inXile line producer

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If you tell me that i'm goes crazy about F, may be you will be right but... Today i saw new number of famost russian magazine "Game World Navigator "with a title: "FALLOUT3!!! THEY DOING IT!!!" i haven't anouth money to buy it... But tommorow... IS I AM CRAZY???!!!

PS Server of magazine www.gamenavigator.ru dosen't work... FULL SH!T...

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I do hate consoles. They suck. I've had a few in my lifetime, the most recent being an Xbox and Gamecube. The gamecube is actually pretty good. But the Xbox is s***. MS buys up all the good PC licenses and makes them be buttf***ed - recent examples, Deus Ex, and the forthcoming Thief game. KOTOR would have been superior if it were PC only, but since I thought the game wasn't great anyway and I don't like bioware, it's pretty inconsequential to me. The only decent game I played on the xbox was Halo, and that was half of what it should have been due to MS buying out Bungie. I hate MS, I hate EA, I hate Interplay, I hate sellout companies, and I hate the Xbox. These people care about nothing but money, they have no morals or ethics. They'd sell their families into slavery if it got them a few dollars extra. I hope their lives are miserable, and I applaud companies that take a stand against corporations and ethics like this. If I had the means and could get away with it, I'd happily burn down their buildings and destroy all their money, or give it to people who need it, whilst laughing as the ex CEOs beg for scraps on the streets.

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