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  1. Now all you have to do is add the Droid factory back in and finish the rest of the game.
  2. I can't believe you're still whining about this, Visceris. This has to be a new record.
  3. The RPG Codex was certainly not the only site to pull an April Fools joke. GameSpot had 4.
  4. You're making fun of our writing skill? You, of all people? Please take a good look at yourself in the mirror. You are free to believe that, if you find such thoughts comforting. It was an April Fool's joke. Nothing more, nothing less. I'm rather appalled by the lack of a sense of humor and/or intelligence displayed by some of the posters here pertaining to their reaction to the aforementioned April Fool's joke.
  5. You're really taking this hard, aren't you, Visceris?
  6. I hope it's not a console-only title, or I wouldn't be able to play it. I would be really dissapointed if it were only developed for the console and not for the PC.
  7. Thanks, it sounds great. I'm looking forward to it, especially the 3rd person combat. I was afraid it would be a first person shooter or worse, a Morrowind combat clone.
  8. Where'd you get the idea that it was first person?
  9. Homoeroticism at the Obsidian community? Whoda thunk it?
  10. Careful Gromnir, you post there quite a lot.
  11. You just have to start a thread, there's no rule against that. A lot of 'general discussion' happens in preexisting threads, stuff unrelated to the subject of the thread, even. You'll have developers from Bethesda describing some of the features of Oblivion in a thread related to Troika's demise, or something, heh.
  12. You guys can come over to the RPGCodex. Beats the heck out of the LucasForums, Bioware or "Mistress' Lair". Feargus and MCA post at the Codex, and quite a number of the members on this forum already post there, anyhow. We're not power-crazy mod-happy lunatics, so discussions are pretty free, and we don't lock threads when the pages mount up (that's silly!) The community can be kept alive. edit: I hate to sound like a vulture but I'd hate to see this community dissapear because of the boards shutting down.
  13. It'd be nice to keep the forums open, to be sure, but I think that this allows for community websites and forums to blossom. As Killzig said at the RPG Codex: "Save themselves some bandwidth, let the fan sites handle the forums. Maybe they can foster some good feelings that way. Not that they need to. Just think its better when a company doesn't have their own personal forum with their own little goon squad making things a nightmare." Frankly, I agree with that statement. If any of you need a new home, there's always the RPG Codex. We don't ban for any reason, either. Moderation is minimum
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