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Just an amusing (to me) observation. For the first time ever (literally!) I rolled a new game and chose Eder as a rogue. Not a fighter, not a swashbuckler. A rogue. (I have the sneaking suspicion that nearly all people also always roll Eder as at least part-fighter.)

I don't play many tanky characters, mostly casters. At least in the starting area, the game really seems to assume (esp on PotD) that you have a tank of some sort. Many knockouts and reloads later before even hitting level 2... Was actually surprised by how thoroughly I smashed into a difficulty wall, not even yet at Gorecci St. Not having constant recovery => eder gets knocked out very quickly and my squishy is swarmed. What's particularly rough is that skeletons do a lot of damage if you're not a priest who can Holy Radiance them all away in one go.

Learned my lesson, and I'm re-rolling Eder as at least part-fighter. Just a warning in case you're also feeling "adventurous."

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Yes, it doesn't work too well if you aren't a bit sturdy yourself. Like - glasscannon caster + Edér as Rogue:  🙅‍♂️

Unless you start at lvl 4 with Breath Blessings and get him Smoke Veil. That trivializes most early encounters because you can just "solo" them with him (and stop combat by just vanishing after killing a single enemy).

I had him as a SC Rogue some time ago and made him into a DoT-guy (Lover's Embrace + Pukestabber and then Gouging Strike + Ring the Bell + Arterial Strike - and Toxic Strike sometimes). He needed a lot of INT boosting equipment but it worked out well. I think most players underestimate how well a quickly applied pile of raw dmg DoTs works against otherwise extremely sturdy enemies (try to storm Arkemyr's Manor early without raw dmg DoTs... ;)).


Edér: "Hey, they misunderestimated me!"

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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I'm playing PoTD for the first time and Eder even "only" as Swashbuckler makes him feel really squishy in the beginning. However on PoTD, strangely enough, in just medium armor and multi-classed I feel like he is doing his job as a tank now at lvl10 just as well if not better as in veteran. Because as fighter/rogue I noticed he is still tanky enough but now also provide much needed damage. Having him gouging strike and blind melee mobs, maybe that is what does it dunno.   


Ballsy to go pure rogue Eder on PoTD though 😄 Man that does sound like a nightmare. Even as a fighter Eder on the first island potd I had to use scrolls, potions, traps and drugs to make it. Things I never needed on veteran.

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