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Hi, lately I've been messing around with chanter and other martial classes, and decided that I wanted something more mobile for the martial half, so I decided to go with rogue, but now I'm stuck on which subclasses would go best together for a harbinger, I'm looking for something that is able to hit hard and fast but has some survivability in a fight, so for the rogue side of the build I've narrowed it down to  streetfighter or trickster, and for the chanter side Troubadour, Skald or Bellower, would really appreciate the help narrowing it down a bit more. Thanks.

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i haven't done a harbinger, but a streetfighter/skald might be a delicious combination, provided you have a way of reliably triggering heating up (sparkcrackers, diving into trouble, etc.). you get dirty fighting, loads of extra crit damage, and huge crit rate boost from your attack speed, and tons of invocations as a result, which you could use in part to paralyze enemies or the ugpraded frightened invocation and get even more crits.


edit: at high levels you could become an interrupt build with the chanter's energized invocation and lots of crits. i would recommend a hearth orlan for the high perception and the hit-to-crit racial bonus.

edit 2: confounding strike can help you seriously lower enemy deflection and help get you tons of crits as well.

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A Harbinger can distract himself with the upgraded Wisps summon. I mean if not using blunderbusses. 

You can also wear Deltro's Cage Helmet then and get a little shocking lash because the Wisps do shock dmg. Their dmg is pretty pathetic so you don't need to fear the shots. 

I view them as my personal essence batteries that power me up in order to get over the little cheesyness of letting my own summons attack me. ;)

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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I'm running a beckoner/assassin myself right now. She is a damn monster with her summoning a swarm of weapons, ogres, or baby dragons before she goes invisible to nuke the fool her summons cornered.

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