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  1. Obsidian needs to get better writers then I will have faith in them if they make another Fallout game. Bethesda made me lose faith in them when they nerfed the **** out of magic in the Elder Scrolls series, made dumbed down stories, and removed all the classic skills and roleplay of Fallout.
  2. Bring back Chris due to the fact he is the writer of the Fallout Bible, and knows more about Fallout than that moron Todd Howard.
  3. Ass loads of fire damage. I usually play with multiple wizards to make sure they die. You should also set up those wall of many colors to stop them from charging straight at your squishies.
  4. Legendary status is needed to effectively boost your melee classes damage for the superbosses in the DLCs, and the dragons that can turtle up with healing abilities such as the Volcano dragon.
  5. I never understood why the folks of Obsidian were so nerf happy in PoE2 compared to PoE1. They also made greatswords weak as ****, limited the amount of upgrade supplies you can get so you are forced to choose your main weapons from the beginning instead of experimenting like in their awesome game Fallout: New Vegas, and their game doesn't even properly follow their own rule set at times.
  6. He shot his shot, and she turned him down. She forgave him. It's not like he pulled a Weinstein with her.
  7. As the person above me stated she counts as part of the only 5 people per group. Unless you hit up the Nexus, and get the expanded party mod.
  8. With Ifan you find out that the very people who sent you to kill Alexander were the same folks who engaged in gas attacks against the elves you grew up with, so now you can get revenge. For the Red Prince you free your beloved by breaking the seal that binds her to a god so she may give you a dragon for a child, and you would later go on to repopulate the dragon population while leading the lizards into a new age against the corrupted Eternals known as Voidwoken. Lohse's story is her trying to free herself from an ancient demon who wants her to become a homicidal cannibal, and the demon acts l
  9. I enjoy the fact that magic spells are strong, melee and ranged skills are fantastic, the elemental combos are glorious, the build a class feature is amazing, the story paths you can choose for DOS 2 are ****ing amazing whether you bring dragons back into the world, become lord of the dwarves with a powerful navy, rebuild a nation of cannibalistic hippies, or work with your former allies in becoming a god while reuniting with your daughter. It also helps that DOS 2 is written by Chris Avellone so you can always expect quality from his work. I also love not having to worry about good abilities
  10. Obsidian walked away from it after the 5.0 release. Any further bugs you'll have to take up with the publisher.
  11. They absolutely did. Morrowind had all sorts of uber powerful spells, awesome melee builds and weapons, and had a ****ing amazing story. Oblivion onward is just disappointment with all the nerfs, and lackluster stories they gave us.
  12. His wife died of cancer there was nothing he could do for her. His dog was the last gift his wife gave him, so of course he is going to lose his damn mind.
  13. Won't happen my friend. Todd Howard has stated that from now on they will keep the Fallout series in house. Also Obsidian has lost quite a few quality people over the years due to disagreements with management so it wouldn't be the same awesome Obsidian that made F:NV.
  14. Yeah Aloth is a bipolar bitch. You're better off just making your own wizard.
  15. DOS2's story was awesome with you choosing either to damn people to a slow slaughter by the Void, or be their hero who brings dragons back to life, gathers the dwarfish navy together to wipe out any piece of **** that says they came from the Void, restore the Elven homeland to create an army of crazy cannibals, reconnect with your daughter to find out what happened to your people, get the demon that possesses you out of your mind, or through diplomacy make peace with the people who raised you and unite the races against a truly dark force. Also the customization of DOS2 was simply amazing with
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