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  1. Has someone here played with the Rännigs Wrath and/or Squids Grasp Rapiers and can say if they viable? Besides the fact that pierce is a suboptimal dmg type. Rännigs wrath is collecting dust in the inventory of my other characters and I never picked up Squids Grasp
  2. I know that Vanishing Strike needs fast recovery to get the optimum out of that ability. That's why i'm eyeing weapons like Duskfall or Rännig's Wrath for my Rogue. I haven't decided yet how to resolve the Family Feud quest on this playthrough though. And yes that is relevant for me or my "This Quest outcome is bull**** in context with my playthrough" Alarm goes of. ^^ Regarding Brilliant + SoT Cheese: Is there actually a reliable source for the Brilliant Buff in the Game right now?
  3. Interesting. So 2H Backstab it is. Reminds me of my old Shadowblade from DAoC ^^ regarding Backstab: Does this item work with invisibility? https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Ajamuut's_Stalking_Cloak
  4. The age old Problem with 2 1H Weapons in almost every Game. Does someone remember BG2 with Dual Sabers on Jaheira? Melee DPS and Utility with Druid Spells on the side and you could pick something else for your MC without missing out on a complete school of spells. Thats the Problem with having on hit effects on 1h Weapons. Regarding 2H: The only thing i can think of, is giving 2H some Unique Effects, for example: always AE, reduced Recovery with 2h Style, raw dmg on crit etc.
  5. I think I have to hijack this thread to avoid creating a thread with essentially the same question. ^^ I'm currently building an Assassin (single class, because i like SC Rogues) and i read somewhere here in an old thread, that lashes are best for high crit classe because of the additional dmg effect. With that in mind, would you still consider Modwyr for an Assassin or something like: https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Aldris_Blade_of_Captain_Crow or both? And what's with Rust's Poignard?
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