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Full Attacks for 1H and 2H

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So I've been doing a lot of build testing lately and I've been running into some long-standing limitations with weapon styles: if you really want to optimize a martial character, two-weapon style is almost always far-and-away better than two-handed and (especially) one-handed style. I've even modded one-handed to give more hit-to-crit conversion and two-handed to give more bonus damage, but the problem remains that attacking with two weapons on full attack (even with -35% damage) is just too good when it comes to proccing on-crit effects and applying afflictions. Even a one-handed monk with accuracy pumped to high heaven doesn't trigger swift flurry and heartbeat drumming as often as a monk with two-weapon style and decent perception spamming full attacks.

What I'm asking is this: Full attacks with a weapon in the off-hand trigger an attack with both weapons. Is it possible to trigger some other effect on full attack for one-handed and two-handed styles? I feel like the only way to make one-handed and (to a much lesser extent, two-handed) competitive is to give them some extra functionality on full attack that they don't have otherwise. Does anybody have any thoughts?

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The age old Problem with 2 1H Weapons in almost every Game. Does someone remember BG2 with Dual Sabers on Jaheira? Melee DPS and Utility with

Druid Spells on the side and you could pick something else for your MC without missing out on a complete school of spells.

Thats the Problem with having on hit effects on 1h Weapons.


Regarding 2H: The only thing i can think of, is giving 2H some Unique Effects, for example: always AE, reduced Recovery with 2h Style, raw dmg on crit etc.

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Two handers already have +1 PEN. They are on par with dual wielding. Single handed style is too bad though (after the early game and setting aside some special stuff like pistol + modal and Scordeo's Edge). 

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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