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I'm currently working on a Character Creator spreadsheet for Deadfire.

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Here's a small preview: https://streamable.com/q8c3dq

I've been looking at it for about a week now so I've kinda grown immune to it if there is any mistake you can spot from this short video, feel free to say it.

I'm generally interested in how you guys think it looks, it's pretty much 90% done right now. Just adding last list of spells for various classes.

I tried to make it require as little input as possible, most things are formulated and automated. You should be able to either make a high level character or low level based on your preference. Stats are calculated automatically.

There are very minor few scripts running in the background so it's supposed to be mostly very fast to use. If I'm honest, scripts are non essential.

My general idea was that people should be able to make a full character or a party without having to fire up the game and cross reference so I tried to add every useful information but unfortunately this is still not 100% true as it doesn't feature descriptions for the abilities yet. You will still need to look at abilities at either Wiki or in game.

But for veterans out there it should still serve as a way to quickly share builds.

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Hello again. I think it's pretty much done.

Since the last video I added Berath's Blessing for both Attributes and Skills. Added companion only Subrace, Culture, Background and Subclass. Tidied it up a bit and tried to give each table a more distinct look so everything doesn't blend into each other.

If anyone wants to test it real quick give me a shout and if there is nothing wrong with it, it's pretty much ready for release.




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Oh, this looks damn good. The only thing I'm wondering from seeing your demonstration is if I can change my mind about multiclassing and go back to SC.

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My Deadfire mods
Out With The Good: The mod for tidying up your Deadfire combat tooltip.
Waukeen's Berth: Make all your basic purchases at Queen's Berth.
Carrying Voice: Wider chanter invocations.
Nemnok's Congregation: Lets all priests express their true faith.

Deadfire skill check catalogue right here!

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Oh, yeah you can. Just empty the secondary class selection and automatically subclass selection as well as ability tree will reset back.


Since the last message I increased the file size a bit by duplicating the sheet and had to increase amount of scripts slightly and now they are unfortunately mandatory for sheet to function properly. Also fixed some grave errors which I've missed until the last second. But in return now you can make all characters in single file and keep a better track of it and your character name will automatically become tab name, so it's kinda like pseudo party view.

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