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I seem to recall something was posted lately, but forgot where:

How to I confuse my main char without it having to be a berserker? (for grave chillfog).

I tried spore summons but they seem to have no effect whatsoever.

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I forgot to mention I know about Tactician too.

I'd be happy if I could confuse myself with a cipher/priest, or with another party member onto the cipher.

Or with an item I guess.

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Hm, Sap should work, not sure why it doesn't work on a summon tho, maybe its one of those weird abilites, that are foe only.

Poison with Rakhan boots also sounds very convenient, I will try both options.

(Bers/Wiz would also work, but I'M too lazy to make a 3rd party member :P)

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Okay tried it. Sap works on party members/ on Cipher. Not sure why I never tried it on my own Cipher. 🙂 Really nice. Now I have another way to use Antipathetic Field in Boss fights. Thanks for the input in this thread.

I think I understand now why it did not work on summon in the past: it is because once you use Sap on a friendly target, the target still has a green circle and not a yellow one, even though it technically is confused. This also means that your sapped Cipher will not suffer from friendly fire, which is very nice tbh.

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:skull: SHARKNADO :skull:

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Hm, this is pretty interesting, this way you can make any npc into an ally, by sapping yourself with rakhans and then dominate them with Puppet Master.

No idea if its useful, but interesting.

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13 hours ago, Constentin Lévine said:

By the way, do you think if you use Perplexing Sap on other party member , like a wizard or druid, you are able to confuse every enemies with AoE spells?

if memory serves - everything spreads confusion at that point. it's such that without intellect resistance, perplexing sap one target (friend or enemy) will end up confusing *everyone* in the battle. i reported this a long time ago, and OBS said it was an ability that was top priority for being retooled, but i guess they never had the time to manage that.

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