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  1. Not by my setup right now, does anyone know how this interacts with pain link from cipher?
  2. Combined with the findings for the Squid's Grasps Certain Mutiny upgrade, this could potentially be a fun combo by confusing the chanter and charming the whole team for an extra +30% damage bonus + Squid's Grasp bonus - It does however disable abilities and the int debuff will hurt an already short duration, so it's probably in the very niche category.
  3. Oh yeah, that's true! Didn't think about multiple conjurers - usually only test with one I understand. I'm also on the fence on whether it is too far from the original experience and would be jarring in context of the rest of the game - but generally moving away from the 1/encounter stuff like free action and reflexive mirror and towards something that changes how the class plays a bit more is good!
  4. Didn't know about the buff staying either - might be a lot to change for some visual feedback with little mechanical change (besides a very weak summon). KW destroy would be with a new unique KW for familiars, so it should avoid destroying other summons/characters I'm currently working on changing it to a pseudo animal companion (Permanent summon, out of combat bonus which is what I originally though it would be when I read the subclass text - It's not really balanced however and way too good when you can choose the summon). I really like the idea of rewarding spell usage of your chosen school - like how evocation has a chance to echo, one could make similar bonuses for the each subclass: Conjurer could have a chance to summon imps on casting Conjuration spells Enchanter could have your free action bonus Illusion could either have illusory buffs or something similar to the Eye of Wael random illusion on hit (one per spellcast or low chance to avoid AOE shenanigans) Transmuter I'm not so sure about - I always felt that the brute transformation only covered one part of what I usually associate with the Transmutation school.. could be debuffing the enemies or buffing self or allies?
  5. Adding on to the rebalancing of wizard subclasses, I've found that you can make the Conjurers familiar independent from other summons by using the "NotSummoned" SummonType instead - only issue is that it allows you to summon more than one familiar (Can be fixed by adding a keyworded destroy attack that triggers on start of casting like the Mage Slayer disruption), but I don't think it's a big issue since the PL bonus doesn't stack anyways.
  6. I've played around quite a bit with cooldown effects back when I wanted to expand on the Black Jacket subclass - it can work, but it's either very obscure to the player or very ugly in the UI - but by any means, it's worth trying multiple fixes to see how it behaves
  7. Damn, would have been nice to create extra fragile summons.. It's true that the monk multiclass will be strong throughout the whole game anyways, just a long time to wait for the souls combo! Yeah, Nalpazca would mainly be for spamming summons with a glass cannon build that couldn't handle being nuked itself (and thus needing an alternative way to generate wounds) but knowing that duplicate HP is independent from your own certainly makes this idea less interesting. Sage builds (especially with Helwalker) are still quite strong, you just won't be using your fists that much
  8. If the Tactician bonus was set to a short Briliant buff (6 secs?) that doesn't get cleared by the requirements no longer being fulfilled, the cheese should no longer be possible.
  9. Surprised no-one has responded to this yet, sounds like a fun build (I've mainly heard of Essential Phantom or Shroud of the Phantasm shenanigans, but at will 2x summons seems good if you metagame a bit to exploit it). Do you know whether the health of your duplicates are affected by your own character stats? Personally going with the suicide build, I would consider mixing Helwalker (for the Might bonus to spells) or Nalpazca (for wound generation - more spamming of Dichotomous Soul) with a caster - this would be to reduce constitution and other defensive stats of your character (and thus summons?) and simultaneously join in on nuking your own summons for those lovely Knockout effects, does anyone know whether revive on KO effects also work? Of course the most important thing to note is that Dichotomous Soul is a power level 7 ability - so you will spend a good part of the game without the keystone of your build.
  10. Sorry, it seems that most people on the forums prefer RTwP, I've been quite hesitant towards turn-based myself as there is no way to change between the two modes and I can see some later battles becoming very tedious in turn-based. I have very little experience with turn-based, so take this with a grain of salt. 1. Cipher: It seems that the general consensus is that cipher runs in to action economy issues in turn-based as they need to attack to generate resources and can't attack if they choose to cast spells, this issue can partly be bypassed by the Psion subclass which generates focus passively. As for single classing, a few of the higher level cipher powers are a lot less useful in turn-based (Time parasite and defensive mindweb even more than usual). An ascendant or beguiler could also work, but is more effective in RTwP. 1. I believe wizard is still very good in turn-based, single classing will work great and martial builds with monk, fighter, or rogue should also be quite alright with free action self-buffing and citzal's lance. Multiclassing either with chanter will give access to strong summons that will make the game significantly easier. 2. Dex and action/recovery speed definetely seems less important in turn-based (and thus heavy armor is better), the exception being casters where high action speed will leave less time where you are vulnerable to interruption. I believe the range for grazes has been expanded quite a lot, so one could keep that in mind for perception and resolve/defense. Free actions are quite powerful, and the black jacket subclass is also better now due to this. 3. I have no idea. 4. Last I heard, the console ports are quite awfully ported. As an extra bonus, the PC version allows for great mods like the Community Patch and Balance Polishing mod if that is your thing.
  11. You can confuse your character with the Tactician subclass + Powder Burns/flanked, definitely best with resolve resistance.
  12. Damn, would have been quite a boost for Reaping Knives (probably too good though), thanks for checking - I'm away from my rig currently.. Happy holidays!
  13. Does anyone know whether Reaping Knives interact with the Death of 1000 Cuts secondary damage effect? The Reaping Knives spell is keyworded as Shred, but like many other summoned weapons, I would guess that the actual weapon is not?
  14. Would it be possible to only KW the sicken effect, the upgrade would then give universally useful dual damage type and circumstantial secondary debuff?
  15. I'm not entirely sure, as I am running a few mods, but: The marked from Magistrate's Cudgel also seems to apply to other attacks besides the cudgel itself - that's +10 accuracy although you have to apply it to individual enemies by attacking them (or using one of the AOE attacks).
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