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The CRPG "project"


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25 minutes ago, Hurlshot said:

Story and dialogue ruin RPGs.

Tl;dr; Nethack was a much better CRPG than Witcher III (according to the guy writing)


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5 hours ago, Lexx said:

tl;dr of what's going on there?

Decline bad, but better written.

2 hours ago, ComradeMaster said:

Didn't read the article but I notice this on his Twitter feed:



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So to recapture the original intent of classic CRPGs like FO(2)(?), we need a sandbox-ish experience with emergent properties, that isn't all combat-centric in a world that doesn't revolve around the player. Sure, I'll buy that for a dollar.

Don't think that such a thing is realistically doable though -- the closest to what he's describing would be the sales pitch of Star Citizen... and we all know about that. Back when the Gold Box games were made, designers were mostly just testing the waters and seeing what could be done with the tech they had. 30-odd years later, the tech has advanced a lot and now one guy just can't make a game in his basement anymore and expect to push the envelope. It's also better understood what actually works vs what just sounds good on paper, design-wise.

He does have a point about games becoming streamlined consumer products designed around mass marketing checklists, though.

But really, light gray font over a white background. WHYYY

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I understand that simulation (physics, pathfinding, crafting, etc.) aspects of RPGs are suggested to be most important, but I think, there are other more important forms of interactivity, such as the game's story and NPCs reacting to the player being a murder hobo (which The Outer Worlds and Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire have done). I value an NPC mentioning that my avatar is from the Vailian Republic more, than I would an ability to defeat a boss by dropping his own portraits on him, if neither the boss nor the game react to it.

There are so-called "immersive sims" (Prey, Dishonored) and they might fit the description in the article better, than cRPGs.

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