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I'm having a ton of fun with the game so far, and I have nothing but praise for the story/writing/creativity that went into the game. But I've encountered several seriously annoying glitches that are on the cusp of game breaking. 

# 1. The enchantment glitch. The ability to enchant gear and keep it up to par with your enemies as you level up is a VITAL piece of this experience. I don't care how many new and shiny suits of armor I find, Eder is gonna be rocking the Saints War armor til the end of days. But what I've found is the game will crash and kick you out if you try to enchant gear while you have too many other enchantable items in your inventory. The game just can't handle all of them popping up on the screen at one I guess? The only way I've found around this is to stash a bunch of stuff in a barrell so you only have about 10 or so enchantable items and then the game will allow it, or sell your gear so you only have a few enchantable items on you at any time. Maybe make it so when you go to enchant an item, just that singular item pops up in the menu, instead of all 100 pieces of us hoarders cary with us

#2 The disappearing Cursor. So this one really scared me. I finished a few ship battles and went to sell my gear in Neteka, which worked fine, but when I tried to buy an item for the supply store my cursor just vanished. No matter what I did it would not appear in the shops inventory to let me but anything. That means no provisions for my crew. I tried reloading other saves, but still no cursor. My last hope was exiting the game altogether, and re-opening it, which actually worked, but I was afraid my save file my have been corrupted. 

#3 Random Crashes - This is a bit less specific, but since I bought the game about 2 weeks ago, and have put about 40 hours into it, I'd say the game has crashed about 20 times at random. So about 1 time every two hours. For someone like me who likes to go 4-5 hours at a time this is a real immersion killer. 

#4 - Not really a glitch, but Load times... they are so long it might as well be a glitch. Please Obsidian its 2020 there has to be something you can do to improve upon this

I play on an Xbox One X btw. I love this game and this series, if Sonic can get a redesign to please his fans I know you guys can fix these

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I've gotten 50 hours in and have now shelved the game till it's fixed up...REALLY didn't want to stop playing, but was running into all those bugs and more....so figure I'll restart clean once the patches flow 😕

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1 hour ago, xzar_monty said:

Is this common when PC games are ported to consoles? I mean, this sounds awful. I would be extremely disappointed, given that the game is already quite old.

yeah, especially puzzling because i thought unity was suppossed to make multi-platform development easy. but bizarre things are apparently broken (like lay on hands not working).


but +1 to what @draego said. Obsidian handed this off to Versus Evil, so your ire should be focused on Versus Evil to get some patches out. PC version is pretty stable, all things considered.

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