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  1. After going back to PoE1 whilst waiting.for the PS4 PoE2 next patch, it's so stark the difference in voice acting, quality of.combat and such- the only thing PoE1 does possibly better is story, but that's cause I like darker plot.
  2. I'd wait for one more: just spoke to.thr VE devs (who did the port) on Dischord and they have the next big patch with Q&A now: have you played PoE1 on console also? Side note: get a SSD for your PS4 : it more than halves load times in the game, Neketaka loads are more like 35-45 sec with one vs 1.5-2.5 mins.
  3. As much as TB is my chosen style of combat (I play with controller), all the disappointment filled RTwP enthusiasts would flock to PoE3 you would think after the BG3 kickback against the TB only combat focus Larian has gone with. PoE and Pathfinder the last bastions of RTwP it seems.
  4. I've gotten 50 hours in and have now shelved the game till it's fixed up...REALLY didn't want to stop playing, but was running into all those bugs and more....so figure I'll restart clean once the patches flow
  5. So the status effect window (top left, with all the food/buffs/debuffs etc) wasnt a problem until I hit the undercity....then boom! Multiple status effect like slow/poison etc were stacked on and now it covers the ability bars full left side rendering my abilities newly impossible to see/choose correctly in combat!!! Even with font turned way down it reaches there, please, someone help us console pirates X
  6. Enchanting is totally broken right now, the community manager from VE has said on dischord that they are 100% working on it for the next patch (after the language one rolls out now) so be 1.05 I think.
  7. Basically just get any 256GB+ size SSD, format it using the Playstation settings tool, move your game over to the new drive and play from there: way better!
  8. The way I justified not only to myself but to the wife (the T5 SSD purchase *seemingly* for one game) was: 1) After PS5 drops with all it's SSD glory, I can just format the T5 and it's a spiffy 500GB external for my music (I'm a DJ, so can do some much needed secure SSD backing up). 2) It makes this glorious game great again, and to me, that was worth the discounted pricetag alone. Neketaka loads are the longest still on SSD, I'll have to time some but I would say none are over 35 sec or there abouts (15-25 sec for most loads though, the 35 sec guess is the very worst ones I'd say
  9. Yep, you push L3 and boom, hovering icon: nigh on invaluable in conversations too!!
  10. Hey OP, my load times with an external SSD are 15-20 seconds most of the time, 25 secs on the high end: is this what you're getting too?
  11. No worries mate! I no longer fear opening doors or entering new areas, SUCH a game changer for me!! Eothas bless the External SSD on PS4!
  12. After talking to a friend who is playing on Pro with ext SSD, I yolo'd a Samsung T5 SSD today and moved my game to that...and it's so, so much better than HDD. 20sec or less on nearly all load screens...vs 1 min or more previously, it's totally changed the game for me!! (40 hours in, keeping 9 saves total). To anyone struggling with the load times on reg hard drive, if you can get a a deal on a SSD your whole experience will be much better (way closer to PC load times).
  13. I would love to see more of the same, keep iterating on the TBC instead of RTwP, and go even darker in tone with the stories told. And some actual marketing next time around wouldn't go astray....
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