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I'm playing an Assassin/Sharpshooter.

At the beginning of the game I have Rogue's Crippling Strike and Ranger's  Wounding Shot.

Which attack should I use to begin battles with?(from stealth)

My character's main weapon is a hunting bow. I intend him to be a range DPS. He has high Per/Dex/Might/Int and low Con/Res

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Wounding Shot is frankly a trap ability, it doesn't work the way you think (it only does 20% over the entire base duration, instead of 20% each tick).

Upgrade crippling strike to arterial strike, and open with that from range, and just kite the enemy until they are severely wounded or dead (you need gear or auras/chants that upgrades your stride speed for this to work well though).

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It's ok for 1 Bond, especially if you combine it with the hunting bow's modal. Base ACC but much faster recovery as log as you have Bond to spend. There's worse stuff to do with your Bond. 

Note that Takedown Combo also raises the damage of Damage over Time effects like Arterial Strike. So if you hit somebody with Arterial Strike first and then apply Takedown Combo the ticks of Arterial Strike will have double damage (as long as you don't hit the enemy again whioch would remove Takedown Combo).

Same with Toxic Strike, Gouging Strike and so on.

A great Assassin/Sharpshooter opening is with Watershaper's Focus + Blast by the way and then switching to something like a Hunting Bow or so. 

Also a Scout with Driving Flight should def. check out St. Omaku's Mercy or Veilpiercer and enchant them with the 50% chance to recover immediately on crit. Rangers have absurdly high Accuracy (if they wish), especially with Accurate Wounding Shot - and Driving Flight raises the chance to crit a lot more per shot. You can raise the dps significantly with those weapons against normal enemies. Essence Interrupter is a great Hunting Bow, too.

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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3 hours ago, Kaylon said:

Wounding Shot was fixed (with the other dots) and does 20% dmg per tick and with high int it can add more than 100% dmg overall... 

good to know.


even with that i think for pure damage potential alone arterial strike is better opener. but now i feel less bad about an unupgraded wounding shot.

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