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Faults Not Worth the Busy Work

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I think some of them are. It's an interesting concept, but needs further exploration to be interesting. To be honest, I can't tell from top of my head which flaws I agreed to - they just don't impact gameplay in fleshed out or interesting enough way to help make the character unique. 

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I took the drug addict flaw. No problems or complaints here. Taking a simple immunization or healing serves the purpose. I am floating around 60 healing inhalants anyways.


Another two that were offered were fear of certain creatures but I don't take those, not worth the stat loss for a single perk point that has variable benefits, however useful. It only serves a purpose to get a few extra perk points quicker to 'level' quicker. I find doing the normal route is just fine and if you get negligible flaws, like fear of heights or in my case drug addict, it's pretty well worth it.


If you wanted to make the game more challenging, then accepting some of those precious vital flaws could do the trick.

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20 hours ago, SmilesALot said:

I had a hard time finding Perks that I felt were useful even with only one flaw.  Perhaps more of them will be needed on higher difficulty.

This is what I'm wondering.  I played on normal, and never once used anything other than adreno - which I only used a handful of times in the ~30 hours I played.  I'm an average player at best, so this game was definitely on the easy side.  I had a crate full of thousands of supply items that I never used...

Similarly with the perks: I had a hard time deciding what perks to get simply because none of them were really necessary.


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Yeah, I mostly refused all the flaws I could get, except for food addict. So if I didn't eat all the time, I had lower attributes which impacted on my gameplay. The combat is too easy most of times, and I also had tons of useless items I never tasted.

The system just need to be improved along with the combat, so it would be more coherent and useful. Should also see changes on the character depending on the flaws you'd get during your adventures. A drug addict would change physically, and have quest linked to it, things like that.

Flaws are a good idea but got to improve it and go deeper with it.

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