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Disable chromatic aberation

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Hello sage,

I'll let the team know that this is an issue for you to see if they can do something about it.  if you notice any changes, please let me know in this thread as I will be linking it to the report I am making for the devs to use as a reference.

Thank you, and sorry for the inconvenience this has been causing.

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In general if possible could you seperate post-processing options?

So, you don't have to lower them all using screen effects.

That counts for consoles as well. Post Processing settings at least.

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Yes, more discrete graphics settings is always a plus.

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Please make these options available on Xbox as well. An unrelated game, Shadow Warrior 2, had lots of graphical options on the Xbox. That game was a blurry mess until I turned off chromatic aberration, film grain, and depth of field. After that it was much sharper and didn't look like crap anymore.

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24 minutes ago, jugularis said:

Yes, we definitelly need more options. This is awful. Chromatic aberation, DoF, Motion Blur, Postprocessing-AA and others should be switchable.

You can turn them off in config file. This is an unreal engine game, so you can pretty much change a lot of things just by editing ini files.

Sorry for my bag English.  :dancing:

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