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  1. Just tried out the new patch. It's a step in the right direction, but the text for item descriptions and other stuff in the menus is still tiny. I guess you must have thought people were talking about the subtitles when they were complaining about the text size. They weren't.
  2. Yay! But I hope the font size increase is for more than just the subtitles. Some of the text in the menus is even smaller than the subtitles. Eventually, this game will be on Microsoft's xCloud service and people will play it on their phones, so the text will be even harder to read than this.
  3. The topic of this thread is 'When can you play The Outer Worlds'. Since the game is unplayable in its current buggy state, when can we expect a patch?
  4. Did it actually say the name was banned? Maybe it just needs more than 3 letters.
  5. Please make these options available on Xbox as well. An unrelated game, Shadow Warrior 2, had lots of graphical options on the Xbox. That game was a blurry mess until I turned off chromatic aberration, film grain, and depth of field. After that it was much sharper and didn't look like crap anymore.
  6. I'm also getting some stuttering on the Xbox One S. Every so often the game freezes for about half a second. I'm not far into the game, so it's mostly the wilderness areas outside Edgewater.
  7. Agreed. The text needs to be bigger. Funny that none of the reviews I read mentioned this.
  8. Same here. I'm playing on a 47" TV on my Xbox One S, and some of the menu text is so small that I really have to strain to read it. Kind of like this post.
  9. Me too. Every so often the game freezes for about half a second.
  10. I agree. It's a good game, but I've seen sharper textures in plenty of games from the previous generation. You can do better.
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