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Turn Based: maybe pick something else. Don't know hat it does there but recovery bonuses are not that important in TB mode anyway.

RTwP mode: it's good, saves you nearly a second of recovery time in plate. It also stacks with a armor-penalty-reducing pet (like Abraham).

The inner workings are (let me cite @MaxQuest from his comprehensive attack speed thread that is pinned in this subforum😞

PART 6: Mini FAQ on various related stuff:

Q1. How does the math behind Armored Grace work? I don't get how the -25% armor recovery penalty from the tooltip factors in.

A: It is a bit convoluted but works in the following way:

- the game doesn't operate that much with [recovery_time] penalties for armors; Instead it stores and uses their speed coefficients.

- for heavy armors it is: 0.645 (= 1/1.55)

- for medium armors it is: 0.741 (= 1/1.35)

- for light armors it is: 0.833 (= 1/1.20)


Now, Armored Grace increases the armor speed coefficient by +0.1, which becomes:

- for heavy armors: 0.745 coef => (1/0.745 = 1.342) => +34% displayed recovery time penalty

- for medium armors: 0.841 => (1/0.841 = 1.189) => +19% displayed recovery time penalty

- for light armors: 0.933 => (1/0.933 = 1.071) => +7% displayed recovery time penalty

P.S. Yeap, tooltip lies. The actual value is 0.1, not 0.25. And it reduces recovery speed penalty, not recovery time penalty.

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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So just to be clear if I play Fighter/x character and use Devil of Caroc Armor 35% base recovery of medium armors -10% recovery enchant on the armor -25% recovery from armoured grace I would not have Armor with 0% recovery right ? it would still slow my character down? 

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Check this out:


There you can choose your items and it will tell you the outcome.

DoC Breastplate will not have 0% recovery penalty with Armored Grace alone. As you read what MaxQuest wrote, you can't simply calculate 35% - 25%. That' not how the math works. 

BUT if you also pick a pet like Abraham or Cutthroat Cosmo (it works the same as Armored Grace and stacks with it) you will be even faster than with 0 recovery. How's that? It's NOT because the armor penatly will be below zero. Pentalty can't be bwlow 0. It is because the "Articulated" enchantment of the Breastplate reduces all recovery time directly. Check your spells' recovery tooltips! It's like an universal recovery bonus like that of the Streetfighter for example (but smaller). It's on an armor, that's the only difference. It is NOT a recovery "penatly bonus" like Armored Grace or Abraham. That way, Pet + Armored Grace lower the penalty of the Breastplate to nearly 0 (not quite) and then the Articulated Enchentment ist strong enough so that you will be faster WITH the Breastplate than without any armor at all.

You can play around with the calculator. That's a lot easier than doing the math for the items or testing out everything with the console. ;)

Miscreant's Leather has the same potential "trick". Its echantment works in a similar way. 


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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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7 hours ago, Ancelor said:

I think it's safe to say that the ability doesn't do what it says it does.

Is it essential for a fighter according to your experience or should I go for other abilities instead?

I would make a much stronger endorsement than Boeroer does. I'd say it's good enough, and special enough, that every fighter or fighter multiclass should pick it up, unless they are planning on equipping cloth or running around naked. While it's not going to break the game or make you win fights you couldn't before, the bonus is general enough and solid enough that pretty much any playstyle benefits.

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