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On 10/13/2019 at 6:48 AM, balvenie17 said:

Anyone have a watercolor of this elf? Or willing to make one? Thanks!





Not the best but I did these a while ago. I think somebody else also did a better version later on but I cannot find it.


Edit:  https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/99990-portraits-iii/page/12/?tab=comments#comment-2038749

For two other versions that are much better. 


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I found this picture by Elysios of Ser Davos awhile back and thought it would be a perfect template for a character that I have wanted to play as. I did a watercolor of it as well (first and likely last time doing it) 

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Just to let you know there is quite an easy method to watercolor any picture in very few minutes. Doesn't need any skill (i don't have any myself), just bit of patience:

1- Cut out the background (if there is any) using your fav photo editor (For example Gimp) and export the picture as PNG with a new name.

2- Open the new picture without background with PAINT.NET (it's a free photo editor, just google it) and apply the artistic effect INK (use the slides to set it until you get the result you prefer). 
Save it.

3- Open the new "inked" picture with Gimp as well as the watercolor background clean that you can find in the first portrait thread.

4- In Gimp select the inked picture and paste it as new layer on the watercolor background using the multiply method.

5- Adjust brightness and contrast and you got your watercolor portrait.


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17 hours ago, Pedro Guevara said:

This is the difficult parte for me.

You just need bit of patience. Keep in mind that you are gonna work with a very small pictures: The base portrait is just 210x330 and the watercolor one is even smaller: 90x141.
You really don't need to make a clean precise work. All the imperfections won't be noticed with such small dimensions :)

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